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Asset trackers

An extensive range of trackers for all use cases

Connected trackers

Battery powered

Connected asset trackers copy

These trackers are typically used when there is no wiring possible. They are easy to install, low cost and location updates are send on start/stop and sporadically while moving.

Connected trackers

Externally powered

These trackers need to be wired to an external power source. They have a higher cost but come with continuous location updates.

Wired trackers
Tag trackers

Battery powered

Unconnected trackers sensolus

These trackers broadcast their presence but do not have a direct internet connection. They are cheap but need a fixed or mobile gateway to communicate.

Sensolus provides three types of asset trackers to monitor your fleet of assets. The choice of tracker depends on your use case:

  • The availability of an external battery supply
  • The type and value of your asset
  • The needed update rate of the location information.

The Sensolus tracker portfolio is always evolving.

Do you want a specific tracker to be added to our portfolio? Just ask!