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Asset trackers

Battery powered connected trackers

Industrial plug-and-play trackers with a direct internet connection

No Infrastructure required

Because they have a direct uplink they require zero infrastructure to communicate, which makes these trackers very easy to install.

Extreme long battery life

Our battery-powered trackers have been designed to maximise their battery life for a higher return on investment.

Smart edge logic

While some use cases only need a simple data point per day, most cases require a lot more logic on the tracker to decide how and when to capture locations. Our trackers use edge logic dynamically tuned by the cloud platform to provide the best experience.

Key characteristics

Multiple Communication

Sigfox, NB-IoT, LTE-M

Worldwide Operations

Region switching, flight certified

Data Integrity

Patented data recovery algorithm

Extreme Battery Life

Depending on use case

Multiple Form Factors

Ultra, compact, custom

Industrial Strength

IP68, IP69, IK08, IK10, UV stabilised

Multiple Localisation technologies

GPS,Wi-Fi, BLE, network

Multiple Localisation triggers

Motion, relocation, context, etc.

External sensor integration

Temperature, humidity, orientation, etc.

Cross use-case provisioning

Remote configuration, usage profiles

Self-install mounting options

Screws, straps, magnets

Self-install in less than a minute

Why do customers choose our Battery Connected Trackers?

Simple & Intuitive

✓ Self-powered stick-and-forget tracker
✓ No additional infrastructure needed
✓ Managed through mobile/web app or API

Reliable and Secure

✓ Rugged hardware 5 year battery life
✓ +170K assets connected
✓ End-2-end security


✓ Up and running in under a day
✓ Out-of-the-box software