Battery-powered trackers

Robust tracking hardware designed to digitize industrial operations.

Website icons white 4  Easy to install

Website icons white 4  Up to 10 years battery life

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Trusted across industries

A tracker for every use case

A tracker for every use-case

Sensolus battery-powered trackers are innovative IoT devices designed to provide efficient and reliable location and asset tracking solutions. These trackers are equipped with long-lasting batteries, enabling them to operate for extended periods without requiring frequent recharging or replacement.

They leverage a combination of GPS, cellular, and low-power connectivity technologies to provide real-time and accurate location data for assets, vehicles, or equipment, making them invaluable for logistics, supply chain management, and asset monitoring applications.

Why choose a battery-powered tracker?

Why choose battery-powered trackers?

Simple & Intuitive

✓ Self-powered stick-and-forget
✓ No additional infrastructure
✓ Managed through mobile/web app

Reliable and Secure

✓ Rugged hardware
✓ +250K assets connected
✓ End-2-end security


✓ Up and running in under a day
✓ Out-of-the-box software
✓ Proven return on investment

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