Track 1110


The small low-power tracker with long battery life. Outdoor – indoor and zone localization. Data recovery (patented) and compatible with multiple external environmental sensors. Communicating over the NB-IoT network.

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Low power NB-IoT communication with integrated data recovery

Easy Firmware Updates

Over the air firmware updates allow feature evolution and bug fixes of all your trackers from behind your desk.

Full Data Recovery

Some area’s lack perfect network coverage.  Our patented data recovery algorithm will recover this data when the device gets back to an area with sufficient coverage.


Designed for Industrial Use

Water & Dust Proof with Venting Membrane

IP68, flame retardant.

Multiple Mounting Methods

Choose the method which is most convenient: rivets, screws or tie wraps.

Serves multiple use cases

The trackers are used on a wide side of assets: trailers, containers, RTP, boxes, …


Multi-technology indoor & outdoor localization tailored for low power

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Full variety of localization technology

This tracker allows localization based on GPS, BLE, WiFi or network localization (Sigfox Atlas). The product can be delivered with all localization technologies on board.  Stripped down versions can be delivered as well.

Smart Decisions when to Localize

This tracker can be configured to localize periodically, scheduled, motion or context-based.

High Precision Localization (optional)

Requiring up to 1 meter precision? This tracker can be configured to automatically switch to high precision when in a Quuppa high precision setup. Our platform does the rest.


Smart activity detection for utilization & trip extraction

Activity Detection

Based on acceleration the edge analysis capabilities allow to perfectly tune the activity detection patterns for your use case.

Journey/Trip Detection

The trackers allow to extract journeys of trackers between different locations so that you don’t miss a stop even it is a short one.


Extract how often and how long your asset has been utilized to optimize your fleet or roll-out pay per use models.

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Context Sensing

Sense more with embedded or external sensors

sensolus tracker sensor connections
Extensible external sensors

Do you need to monitor temperature, humidity, door status or another sensor? This tracker allows to communicate with external sensors over the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol.


Measure if a box is open or closed, if a siccor lift is in use, or if a container is emptied with the built-in orientation functions.

Measuring or alert mode

When you directly need to know when a threshold is exceeded you can use our edge sensor alerts.

Virtual tamper alert

Detect when somebody is removing the tracker.

Edge Platform

Fully configure the tracker behavior to your asset type and use case

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Configurable rule engine

This tracker allows to remotely configure the wanted behavior of your tracker in form of conditions/actions.

Configurable edge pre-processors

Each asset type and use case has optimal settings for correct analysis. Those extensive set of parameters can be remotely configured.

Extensive diagnostics

Having a lot of trackers in the field requires a solid set of diagnostics to check installation quality, follow-up battery consumption of each separate component and much more.

Over the air firmware update over BLE and NB IoT

Flash new firmware on the tracker using a smart phone or BLE gateway.

Quuppa tested tracker

Bluetooth high precision

Quuppa Tested 1

This tracker is compatible with the Quuppa high precision infrastructure, allowing localization with an accuracy up to 1 meter.

The cloud platform merges the high-precision location data with the tracker data, providing an uninterrupted overview of the asset’s complete journey in a single user experience.

Assets & Segments

Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP)

  • Prevent delays in production line
  • Optimize RTP allocation and rotation
  • Know RTP’s in use
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Automotive tracking

Most used applications

Inventory management 1

Inventory Management

Know at every moment where your assets are.

Condition monitoring

Transport condition monitoring

Monitor important parameters like temperature and humidity during transport.

Utilization monitoring

Utilization Management

Detect and find back stolen assets.

compliance monitoring

Compliance monitoring

Detect assets in the wrong place, spending too much time on a location, ...

Invisible process flows

Process flow management

Optimize asset rotation times & detect flow anomalies.


Theft protection

Detect and find back stolen assets.

Technical documentation

Access the technical documents you need.