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Asset trackers

External powered connected trackers

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Location and activity

Smart location and activity detection

Continuous location updates

The wired trackers capture location updates every 2 minutes while moving and send the information to the Sensolus platform.

Journey/trip detection

The trackers allow to extract full and detailed journeys of assets between different locations.

Externally powered connected trackers

You want to connect your own trackers to our platform?

We can help you!

Connectible sustainable trackers

More than location tracking

The tracker can monitor different parameters. All data is directly forwarded to the Sensolus cloud platform.

Travelled distance

The tracker sends its travelled distance to the platform.

Speed and direction

The speed and direction of your vehicle is captured by a built-in gyroscope.

Bluetooth scanning

The tracker can scan for BLE beacon trackers in the vicinity.


Key characteristics

Communication servicebig

Cellular Communication

2G, 4G

Globe color

Worldwide Operations

Region switching

Data integrity color

Data Integrity

Data recovery in uncovered areas

Battery color

Backup Battery

Fallback when no wired energy

Multiple form factors

Multiple Form Factors

OBD, Wired

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Localisation technologies



Multiple Localisation triggers

Motion, periodic, direction etc.

Cross use case provisioning

Cross use-case provisioning

Remote configuration, usage profiles

self install in less than a minute