Edge-to-Cloud platform

Fast track your IoT business case with our Edge-To-Cloud platform

Experience the ease of a fully integrated, modular cloud platform built on the latest web and mobile technologies.

The complete solution for an industrial scale deployment

Focus on your core business while we take care of  data ingestion, device management and analytics.  The Sensolus hosted cloud platform ensures that you have always access to the latest innovations and features.  No need to spend any time on IT related headaches like upgrades, maintenance windows etc..  We got you covered with an extensive suite of enterprise features to fully integrate and connect with your IT.  Your data is safe with us and stored in a secure and reliable way.

Manage all your assets via an intuitive interface

Having mountains of data is only valuable if you can quickly get actionable insights from the application.

Designed for huge amounts of connected assets

Our platform is specifically designed to handle millions of trackers in a scalable and intuitive way. We have successfully combined a powerful search and filtering engine with visually pleasing dashboards and panels.

Fully configurable to your domain

It is easy to adjust the platform from the default Sensolus colour palette to match your brand.  

Web and mobile

Whether you are at your office, at home, or on the road, you can access the platform via the web and mobile applications.

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The optimal combination of intelligence across the edge and cloud

We master every aspect of IoT, building our own devices and adding intelligence to stand out from the crowd

Play it smart by distributing intelligence over the edge and cloud

An optimal solution can only be delivered by a tight interplay between edge and cloud intelligence. We provide a seamless integration between all our devices, automatically tuning them to your use case. This includes selecting the best location technology in all conditions (e.g. indoor, outdoor, Wi-Fi, BLE), and using the right triggers to capture a location.

Patented data recovery technology

Out of network coverage situations can happen, however our FADI data recovery technology ensures that all tracker-generated data is recovered as soon as the device enters a sufficiently covered area again.

Northbound connectors

Wire it into your enterprise systems

Full API coverage

Everything in the web interface and mobile app is available over API too. We provide well-documented REST and MQTT APIs so you can get started in minutes.

Push or pull

Leverage webhooks to receive a call back as soon as we have data which interests you.

Need help?

Our customer success engineers are always available for guidance, code samples or to share best practices.

Connectors for a broad hardware portfolio

An extensive range of certified trackers, beacons and sensors with minimal installation time and zero infrastructure required.

Choose from the best asset trackers on the market

Compatible with validated trackers offering industrial strength.

Connect them to your network of choice

The best networking technology for your business – Sigfox, NBIoT, LTE-M, 2G, WiFi, etc. – depends on your application. Our broad experience can help you find the right solution.

Connect your own device

Our connector architecture allows us to wire trackers quickly. Contact us if you want to connect a tracker which is not yet part of our portfolio.

Make it your own

Obviously we like the Sensolus blue palette. However, the platform’s look and feel is completely customisable to match in your house style.  Change the colour schemes, icons, and associate images to assets to make it your own.

The integration is not only visual. Single Sign On gives you one password across your organisation.  Furthermore, the APIs provide the means to inject your business specific data into the platform so you can see your trackers and all associated data.

Discover more benefits of our cloud platform


Experience fast and easy searching and filtering, with full search available on almost all attributes of your trackers. Plus, you can save and load search filters and share them with your organisation. Custom datatype-aware filters are automatically generated for your business-specific data.


Receive immediate alerts for each individual asset. Depending on your settings, notifications are generated and sent to the user or pushed to your server if assets are not following their programmed flows, arrive too late, are low on battery, etc.


Different reports can be created, scheduled and exported (as Excel files) depending on your requirements. You can also define your own templates that can be applied to the reports Sensolus provides.


You take security seriously and so do we. Our security features include end-2-end encryption from the tracker to the cloud, secure and reliable data vaults, and single-sign-on functionality to leverage your corporate identity management.

Large scale management

As your business grows, so do the tools we provide. Our tools empower you to operate and configure a large fleet of trackers in an intuitive way. Select the set of trackers, the actions you need and run it across the set.

Monitoring and diagnostics

The platform digs deep into the data to automatically assess the tracker's behaviour. Any issues are flagged, and this information is used to tune the tracker configuration. The system is watching so you don't have to.