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Device management

Be in control of your devices in the field

Don’t let an IoT deployment become an operational nightmare!

Sensolus makes IoT device management simple. We provide you with an extensive set of tools for diagnosing, tuning and upgrading your trackers in the field.

Device management

An extensive suite of tools to reduce your operational risks.

Saveguard the health of your trackers 1

Safeguard your Trackers' Health

Use our diagnostics tool set to proactively safeguard the health of your trackers.

Optimize your trackers for your use case 1

Optimise your Trackers for your use case

Apply the usage profile that matches your use case.

Take control of your IoT Budget

Manage your subscriptions and activations.

Upgrade your trackers en masse in the field 1

Upgrade your Trackers simultaneously in the field

Use OTA updates to automatically upgrade your trackers.

Proactively safeguard the health of your trackers

Using our diagnostic toolset for single tracker and organization level monitoring, anomaly detection and more.

Get First-hand information on anomalies

Proactively be informed of field issues and unexpected tracker behaviour.

Overview of tracker behavior

Intuitive dashboards with histograms, trend charts and pie charts give you an instant overview of how your fleet is doing.

Perform in-depth analysis on the tracker level

Get a status overview and detailed statistics on your trackers: network quality, message transmission, battery usage, location accuracy, etc.

Diagnostics tab 1 1024x640 1

Optimise the tracker configuration for your use case.

Each use case and asset type have its own properties, requiring an optimal end-to-end configuration to provide the required data.

Tracker Configuration 1024x514 1

Inspect your tracker configuration

Settings are visualised in a user-friendly way in the platform and can be remotely changed if needed.

Select profile 1024x514 1

Select the profile for your use case

Configuration changes can be deployed easily. The impact of each configuration change on the expected battery life is clear, so you understand the trade-offs being made.

Bulk operations

Bulk roll out to all your trackers

Use bulk operations to roll out configuration changes to (part of) your tracker fleet.

Take control of your IoT budget

Manage your subscriptions and activations.

IoT Subscriptions out of the box

The Sensolus platform manages all the details connected to setting up your network subscriptions and managing renewals.

Perform in-depth analysis on the tracker level

With our bulk operations you can manage the subscriptions for a group of trackers with the press of a button.

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Upgrade your trackers simultaneously in the field

Use OTA updates to automatically upgrade your trackers.

Firmware updates visual

Why you need it?

Upgrading firmware is necessary for a successful IoT deployment:

  • Extend the lifetime of your trackers by updating to new standards and protocols.
  • Add new features and re-purpose devices for new use cases.
  • Install a patch to fix an annoying bug or a security flaw is advisable.

How we do it?

Upgrading firmware over the air is not straightforward for LPWAN networks. These networks are very power efficient, but this often translates into low data rates and small payloads.

If the LPWAN connection provides enough bandwidth for an upgrade we leverage this channel, otherwise we upgrade over Bluetooth with the mobile app.