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External sensors

Add Sensors to go beyond location and activity

Do you need to monitor temperature, humidity, door status or something else? Our trackers allow communication with external sensors over the BLE protocol.

Check out our catalogue below for the different sensors in our portfolio or contact us to discuss other monitoring options.

Zero wiring

Sensors are wireless and battery powered, just like the trackers. Link the sensor to the tracker in the Sensolus cloud platform and the installation is complete!

Tuned for low power

While the exact battery lifetime depends on the sensor settings, a 3-year lifespan is always achievable

End-2-end cloud integration

All data is processed and presented in the Sensolus cloud platform so you can immediately see the current and historical values. Define your own alerts rules to be notified as soon as something unexpected happens. And, the data is also available over the API.

Condition monitoring


Inside and outside temperatures


Ideal to detect open/closed states for doors


Measure indoor humidity

Water level

Capture the level of liquid surfaces

Changes in orientation

The Sensolus wired trackers can capture the change in orientation by a built in sensor.
This data is sent to the cloud platform.
Current and historical data about changes in orientation are visible there.

Monitor the exact orientation of an
asset. Orientation changes are sent when a steady state is reached.

Detect a rapid change of orientation of an asset. Catching the event is more important than the precise state.