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SENSE M 4201

BLE magnetic

Small round robust magnetic contact sensor to detect open/close events.

SENSE M 4201
Sensolus Magnet Sensor

Install with a magnet

The sensor comes with a small magnet. The distance between the magnet and the sensor indicates if there is a status change or not.

The installation can be done on doors and moving parts. A bracket might be needed for optimal installation.

In- and outdoor usage

Sensor is IP 68 rated. The sensor can be used for indoor and outdoor usage.

Sensor status

The current and historical status of the sensor state is visible in the Sensolus platform.

Counting events

The sensor detects an open or closed state which makes it ideal for counting events. The overall count is visible in the Sensolus platform.

Technical documentation

download a pdf file of the technical documents you need

Product specifications

Below you’ll find a detailed list of the product specifications

Sensor characteristics
Magnetic event detector Detects door open/close events
Hall effect sensor range 2 cm typ.
Sensor connectivity
Transmission range Up to 60 meters
BLE advertisment period 2 seconds at +4dBm
Mounting options • Concrete glue like Sabatac or Tec7 for the sensor
• Screw or double sided tape for the magnet
Mechanics & design
Size ∅ 57mm x 20 mm
Weight 41 gram
Color White
Casing DELRIN (POM C) material Food Grade (90/128/EEC)
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
Battery type 7 years of battery life
Non-replaceable batteries
Europe CE: EN 300 328/ EN 301 489 & EN 55032 / EN 62368-1
Canada ISED: RSS-247 / ICES-003
RoHS Yes