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SENSE T 4002

BLE low temperature probe

Box-sized temperature sensor with external probe with a temperature range from -200C to +200°C.

Technical documentation

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Product specifications

Below you’ll find a detailed list of the product specifications

Sensor characteristics
Temperature •Range: -200°C to 200°C
•Accuracy: 0.5°C in +200°C and 1.3 in -200°C
•Resolution: 0.5°C
•Drift: <0.1°C / year
Sensor connectivity
Transmission range Up to 60 meters
BLE advertisment period 2 seconds at +4dBm
Mounting options Double sided tape
Mechanics & design
Size 74 x 110 x 40 mm
Probe length 1 meter
Weight 80 gram
Color White
Casing ABS
Water & dust resistance IP67
Operating humidity 0 to 99 non-condensing
Battery type 7 years of battery life
User replaceable batteries 3,6 V, size AA, capacity 2 700 mAh