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Light infrastructure

Light infrastructure to enchance localisation and communication


Zone precision

Need to know in which indoor zone your assets are? Tags are the answer. Plus, they are installed in seconds without any IT integration.


High precision

Very precise localisation in a warehouse requires dedicated infrastructure. Our trackers integrate with the leading solutions in the field.

Zone precision

Fast and easy indoor localisation in specific zones

zone precision tracking
Segment your site in zones

Geobeacons provide a marker which the tracker picks up and sends to the cloud. Through careful placement of the beacons at strategic locations, the cloud can localise the asset to within 5-10m.

Extreme low power

This type of localisation is very power efficient for the tracker. The beacons are battery powered and last at least 5 years.

Installation without IT hassle

The geo-beacon works as soon as you have attached it to the location, without requiring any wiring.

Fully managed by the Sensolus Cloud Platform

Use the cloud platform to link the geobeacon to a location. The managed beacons also remotely tune the distance of the signal and monitor battery life.

Geobeacons for battery-powered trackers

Zone precision for Bluetooth tag trackers

Scanning Bluetooth tag trackers

high precision indoor tracking

BLE anchors can be used to localize connected trackers, but also to localise tag trackers that are not directly connected to the internet. These BLE anchors are net or battery powered, for easy installation.

Zone anchors for Bluetooth tag trackers

High precision

When ultra-precise asset localisation matters

Do you need high precision localisation in dedicated places? Do you already have a high precision localisation system in place? Our trackers and cloud platform are compatible with Quuppa high-precision tracking systems for ultra-precision.

Localisation with accuracy of up to 1 metre

An edge localisation engine combines the angle of arrival measurement data from multiple anchors to give 1m accuracy.

Seamless handover between indoor and outdoor

The cloud platform will automatically switch locations to the most precise source so you always see the most precise option.

Nomadic localisation

When your smartphone can do the job

Smartphones can act as an asset scanner. Get our app to start tracking.

Localization service
Zone precision localisation

The smartphone uses its own location (typically GPS or WiFi based) to map the assets around it.

Ultimate pocket experience

The mobile app is the fastest way to see where your assets are. Your smartphone quickly shows you which assets are nearby and provides navigation towards them.