GB 3000

Standalone geobeacon anchor

The battery-powered geobeacon for optimization of indoor tracking and zone accuracy of your assets.

Sensolus GB 3000

Technical documentation

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Product specifications

Below you’ll find a detailed list of the product specifications

Compatibility Compatible with all Sensolus trackers with BLE localization
Transmission power Variabel transmission power up to 100 meter.
Mounting options • Double adhesive mounting tape
• 4 closing screws
• 2 mounting screws
• 2 plastic dowels
Mechanics & design
Antennas On board PCB antenna
Size 95 x 45 x 24.5mm | 3⁴⁷/₆₄ in x 1⁴⁹/₆₄ in x 1in
Color Black
Water & dust resistance IP65
Weight 70 gram (2.5 oz) with 2 batteries
Battery type
Mounting options • 5 years battery life depending on operating mode
• 2 user replaceable AA lithium batteries