ZA 3505

Zone anchor - NB-IoT

The battery powered zone anchor on NB-IoT for zone tracking of assets enabled with Bluetooth Tag Trackers

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How it works

Bluetooth bluebig
Sensolus Bluetooth Tag Tracker ID

A bluetooth tag tracker sends its ID

Sensolus Zone Anchor ID

The Zone anchor, which has a location, captures the ID

Sensolus icon
Sensolus Zone Anchor ID

The zone anchor sends all the ID's to the platform together with the zone anchor's location.

Use cases

Sensolus ZA3505 use case

Zone tracking of lower cost assets

Know which zone your assets are in at the click of a button. This is the ideal solution if:

  • You want to know if your assets are in a dedicated zone.
  • You equip all assets which need to be tracked with a tracker tag.
  • Detect enter and exit times
  • No extra wiring is needed
  • Combined with a tracker you know the drop off and pick up points of the assets.

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Technical documentation

download a pdf file of the technical documents you need

Product specifications

Below you’ll find a detailed list of the product specifications

NB-IoT • Energy efficient transceiver·Internal
• omnidirectional antenna
• Bi-directional communication
• NB-IoT bands: EU and US
• OTA firmware upgrade (NB-IoT)
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) • BLE 2.4 GHz
• Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
• OTA firmware upgrade (BLE)
GNSS • u-blox 8th generation GNSS receiver for GPS
• Large patch antenna for optimum performance
BLE • Sensolus proximity beacon detection
• Detectable by zone and high precision anchors
Sigfox Atlas Network based geolocalization
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi based geolocalization (optional)
Internal sensing • Activity monitoring
• Orientation monitoring
• Virtual tamper detection
External sensing • Temperature, humidity, air quality
• Person presence, contact, magnet
• Other BLE sensors can be added
Mounting options • Holes for screws or rivets
• Cable ties
Mechanics & design
Antennas All antennas are internal
Size 130 x 72 x 36mm
Weight 200 gram
Color Translucent black
Casing • Polycarbonate (lexan 943A)
• Flame retardant
• UV-stabilized
Water & dust resistance IP68 & IP69K
Operating temperature -20°C to 60°C
Storage temperature -40°C to 60°C
Battery characteristics • User replaceable battery pack (Li-SoCl2) 8400 mAh 3.6V
• 2,7 gram Lithium
Battery lifetime • Scan every 6 hours: 7 years
• Scan every 3 hours: 5 years
• Scan every 1 hour: 2,5 years
• Scan every 30 minutes: 1,5 year
Regulatory CE & FCC
Electrical safety EN-60905-1
Bluetooth 5.0 Declaration ID: D048003
Management services
Diagnostics • Battery lifetime prediction
• Detailed energy consumption
• Installation
• Communication quality
Management • OTA firmware updates over NB-IoT and BLE
• Remote configuration
• Zone anchor localization with Sensolus smartphone app
Application services
Services • Bluetooth tag tracker scanning
• Act as managed geobeacon
User interaction
Device activation Magnetic activation
LED Feedback Green & red LED feedback on the device
Synchronise remote settings Periodic: No user interaction needed
Tag Tracker Scanning
Tag tracker scanning • Compatible with all Sensolus supported Bluetooth tag trackers
• Maximum 100 Bluetooth tag trackers in range per scan
Firmware configuration
Bluetooth tag tracker scanning • Scan and send interval
• Bluetooth tag tracker's RSSI scan treshold
• Filter scanned Bluetooth tag trackers on UUID
Managed geobeacon Enabled or disabled
Encryptions • Device unique encryption keys
• End to end payload encryption Chacha 20
• AES encrypted firmware
• Firmware upgrade allows only signed firmware images