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Localization service

Our full suite of indoor and outdoor localization technologies

Use the localization technology that fits your case best.

The Sensolus asset trackers provide 5 different geolocation technologies as different technologies are better suited for different situations. Depending on your use case, we will select the best technologies and activate them on your trackers.


GPS allows outdoor localization without any infrastructure.

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WiFi is suited to indoor and outdoor localization in environments where WiFi access points are publicly or privately available.​

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Network triangulation is good for low precision localization and doesn’t require any additional infrastructure.​

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Bluetooth zone precision

BLE is used for indoor localization using extra infrastructure like geobeacons or anchors for real-time or high-precision localizations.​

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Bluetooth high precision

Bluetooth high precision is used for specific indoor localization needs which allows for a smooth handover to outdoor localization.

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When do you need location information?

From a battery-consumption perspective, a tracker should always sleep except when there is direct business value for the customer. Therefore Sensolus provides a set of different configurations to define when to wake the tracker and capture location.

Motion Based

When starting and/or stopping with -optionally- some intermediate locations (e.g., every 15 mins) while moving.


At fixed time intervals or at specific times during the day.

Context Based

When a change in context occurs (e.g., orientation change when a container is emptied).

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Relocation Based

When an asset has moved more than a certain distance or it has exceeded a certain speed (e.g., moved more than 2000 meters and speed of more than 80 km/h)

Infrastructure Based

While the first four location triggers have been initiated by the device, you can use BLE anchors and smartphones that scan for trackers to convert this into location data.

Combine multiple location technologies for the best results.

For optimal results, using one location technology is often not enough. Sensolus enables you to use a cascade of technologies. With the edge configurable rule engine, you can define this sequence remotely.

Fallback scheme

Sensolus helps you to define the best localization strategy for your use case.

By combining different location tracking technologies, Sensolus provides asset location information. The choice of technology(ies) depends on the use case:

  • The locations that the asset will be tracked in, e.g., outside, inside, in-transit or a combination.
  • The requirements for accuracy and information responsiveness.
  • The tracker live-time requirements before a battery change.


Outdoor and in-transit low power tracking with GPS


Latest generation GPS chips

Sensolus constantly evaluates all new GPS chip releases to provide the most energy efficient tracker on the market.

Dedicated Battery Saving Solutions

Sensolus trackers extend battery-life with configurable GPS fix times depending on the needed location accuracy, indoor detection algorithms, and more. 

Extensive Diagnostics Suite

Our cloud device management application provides all required information regarding GPS energy use, fix times, fix precision, and installation quality.

Wi-Fi scanning

Indoor tracking using your existing WiFi network

Wi-Fi-Geolocation Explanation

Scanning for WiFi access points

The tracker scans for WiFi access points (APs) in its surroundings and calculates its location based on the MAC addresses of the detected. This technology works well in urban areas, both indoors and outdoors.

Public and Private WiFi location resolution

Public WiFi location services are used to map the WiFi APs to a location. However, users can also define a private list of their own APs.

Extensive Diagnostics Suite

Our cloud device management application provides all information regarding the number of found addresses, resolution quality, WiFi scan energy consumption, and more.

Cell tower localization

Less precise but extreme low power for indoor and outdoor locations.


Scanning for Network Base Stations

The tracker sends a Sigfox message which is received by one or more Sigfox basestations. The location is determined based on the signal strength.

Extremely Energy Efficient

There is a trade-off: the extremely low energy consumption means that the accuracy is also low (precision: kilometres) and only live messages can be sent.

Back-up Technology

The network location is also used as a back-up if other geolocations technologies are not available. This is defined using the edge configurable rule engine.

Bluetooth zone precision

Locating your assets where you want

BLE beacon

BLE geolocation technology is used in multiple ways for locating assets.

Zone Tracking

For optimising tracking of zones Sensolus provides different solutions: geobeacons for a quick and easy installation, smartphones and tablets for nomadic tracking, and BLE anchors for higher responsiveness of location information.

Seamlessly integration with existing solutions

For higher precision of location, Sensolus trackers can be integrated with existing solutions (e.g., Quuppa).

Bluetooth high precision

High precision localization at specific indoor places


Do you need high precision localization at specific places, while also having the full visibility when these assets are outdoor localized or in other zone-level precision locations? Selected Sensolus battery powered trackers are also compatible with the Quuppa high precision tracking systems.

Localization with accuracy up to 1 meter

The Quuppa infrastructure uses Bluetooth angle of arrival detection to accurately determine the position. The trackers emit Bluetooth signals in such a way that detection by Quuppa Locator hardware is the most optimal.

Seamless handover between indoor and outdoor

The cloud platform merges the high-precision location data with the tracker data, providing an uninterrupted overview of the asset’s complete journey in a single user experience.

Quuppa compatible battery power trackers

The Sensolus Cloud Platform integrates all types of location data smoothly

We blend data from different location technologies on the cloud level for a consistent user experience and API.

Multiple location sources in platform

Powerful & Intuitive Web and Mobile Application

Take a look on how Tracking your Asset’s Location with Sensolus looks like on the Platform.