Web-based software

Our web application gives you detailed insights to optimize your planning processes, logistics flow and day-to-day operations. To create real value for your business, analytics are tailored to your own business processes.

  • Asset outdoor & Indoor maps
  • Asset journeys
  • Asset usage   
  • Asset movement insights
  • Rotation & retention alerts
  • Out-of-routine detection 
  • Domain-specific dashboards & reports
  • Extensive search capabilities
  • Customized to your business  
  • Integrator API

IoT cloud platform

All your connected devices transmit tracker data directly to the Sensolus cloud application. Our data-integrity algorithm, a patented data synchronization solution in the Sensolus cloud, ensures lost data is still recovered. With all data available, you can start using provisioning tools. It allows you to push bulk settings remotely to the devices. What you configure remotely can be based on extensive diagnostics about installation, communication and asset usage (usage profiles and unexpected behavior). In other words, the provisioning tools and diagnostics create a balance between having enough valuable business data and guaranteeing optimal battery use.

  • Connectivity management
  • Patented data integrity
  • Remote provisioning tools
  • Real-time diagnostics

Trackers & beacons

Our IoT trackers are designed for industrial field use and use an LPWAN for communication. They require zero maintenance and are extremely energy-efficient by combining different geolocation technologies and dedicated activity detection algorithms. Using our easy-to-install trackers can be combined with beacons for indoor positioning.

  • Long battery lifetime
  • No infrastructure required
  • Stick & Forget
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How is each element connected?


Sensolus trackers Attached to your assets
Sigfox Connects IoT sensors to the cloud
Sensolus cloud Transmits secure, reliable & scalable data
Sensolus web application Provides crucial data for your processes