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Waste container tracking

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  • Low-power GPS trackers
  • Interactive waste container map
  • Waste container movement insights
  • Scheduled reports
  • Waste container alerts & dashboards

What is waste container tracking?

If your company manages waste, you’re probably well aware of the fact that 50% of your business is about logistics and how you collect, move, and dispose of waste. Waste management is often perceived as a low-tech undertaking. However, an IoT tracking solution has the power to transform individual waste containers into a web of smart, connected objects. By equipping your waste containers with low-power GPS trackers, you gather data about waste container movement, location, rightful use, etc. In turn, you can leverage this data in the web application to optimize waste management processes.

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Why should you track your waste containers?

By equipping your waste containers with low-power GPS trackers you are always aware of their location, usage, and movement. As mentioned above, what is really valuable is turning your waste containers altogether into a web of smart objects. This allows you to detect inefficiencies and anomalies in movement. All data the GPS trackers gather is available in the web application where you can analyze it in-depth. Having this data and provisioning tools at your disposal creates productivity gains and eliminates time-consuming, manual tasks to locate waste containers.

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Highlights waste container tracking

Low-power GPS trackers

Years of functioning without battery replacement

Our low-power GPS trackers are often used in an industrial environment. An environment in which waste containers travel around between different sites a lot or aren’t that easy to access. In this case, you want a tracker that can function for years without having to replace the battery. Replacing batteries for tons of devices would create a massive operational burden and make a good ROI impossible. That’s why our trackers are designed in a way that guarantees battery life up to five years.

Interactive waste container map

Check where your waste containers are in one single map

In the Sensolus web application, you see on one single map where all of your waste containers are. This creates visibility like never before. Besides this, the map shows you the waste container status, latest activity, and last known location. Smartphone users can also see their waste container’s location on Google maps and use Google directions to guide them to a specific piece of equipment.

Waste container movement insights

Create a web of smart, connected objects

By simply attaching GPS trackers to your waste containers, you always know where your waste containers are and whether they’re used in a rightful way by customers. With all this data at your fingertips, improving waste container allocation is easy and will bring along cost savings because of an efficient use. Easily steer decisions, starting from one dashboard that’s accessible anywhere, at any time.

Scheduled reports

Generate insightful reports without even having to think about it

In a couple of clicks, you can define how often you would like to generate a report (once, daily, weekly, monthly) and to which people it should be sent. You can easily combine these scheduled reports with custom data filters to receive powerful insights. Gather all the information you need in your mailbox on a regular basis and say goodbye to reporting headaches.

Waste container alerts & dashboards

Receive alerts about allocation, rotation, and retention of your waste containers

Customize alerts in such a way that it suits your internal business logic. Managing your waste containers with an IoT solution allows you to set-up alerts that can vary in severity and will show you how long it took for an alert to be resolved. Know when something strange arises and easily define the right amount of resources needed to solve the alert.


Why Sensolus?

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Reliable & complete data 100 percent data recovery
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