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Trailer tracking solution

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  • No wires required
  • Accurate & complete data set
  • One single trailer map
  • Trailer location & usage
  • Trailer alerts

What is a trailer tracking solution?

A trailer tracking solution gathers information about the location and usage of your trailers. This information is collected by low-power GPS trackers attached to your trailers, for which no additional infrastructure or wiring is needed. Because these low-power trackers function autonomously you have visibility on your trailers at all times, even when they’re disconnected from a truck. Sensolus low-power GPS trackers are specifically designed for industrial use in the field. The data gathered by the trackers is transmitted to the cloud and web application where you can analyze it to optimize operational processes.

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Trailer tracking

Why should you track your trailers?

By equipping your trailers with low-power GPS trackers you will always be aware of their location and usage. Low-power GPS trackers communicate via a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), which is optimized for low-power consumption and enables long-range communication. In other words, it is ideal for industrial use in the field. When using Sensolus, you can analyze the data in custom dashboards. Eliminate manual yard hunts, control your capacity proactively, and improve the usage of your trailers.

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Highlights trailer tracking

Track & manage your trailers

No wires required

A simple plug and play solution

Forget about additional wires or an external power source. Our low-power GPS trackers are installed in a simple plug-and-play way. They function fully autonomously and will keep you up to date with the information that matters for your use case. Thus, there are no extra investments needed on your side to install additional infrastructure on your trucks.

Accurate & complete dataset

Track & analyze every transport

If you are active in logistics and transport, it is key to track every transportation and gather accurate data. Only with an accurate and complete data set you can ensure truck drivers are employed in the most efficient way and know where market share can be gained. Furthermore, insights in logistics flows will allow you to improve operational processes and reduce costs.

One single trailer map

Check where your trailers are in one single map

In our web application, you can see in one single trailer map where all of your trailers are. This creates visibility like never before. Besides this, the map will also show you the asset status, the latest activity, and the last known trailer location. Mobile users can also see their trailer’s location on Google maps and use Google directions to guide them to a specific trailer.

Trailer alerts & dashboards

Receive alerts about the allocation, rotation, and retention of your trailers

Customize alerts in such a way that it suits your internal business logic. Our trailer tracking solution allows you to set-up alerts so you can keep track of efficiently using your trailers. It will also show you how long it took for an alert to be resolved. Know when something is wrong with your logistics flow and easily define the right amount of resources needed to solve the alert.

Alert dashboard

Trailer location & usage

Always be aware of where your trailers are and how they are used

Our low-power GPS trackers give you the possibility to always be aware of their location and usage. Based on your use case, different geolocation technologies (GPS, BLE, WiFi, network-based) are used to gather valuable business data and guarantee optimal battery use. Consult all this data in an easy-to-use web application, anywhere, at any time.


Why Sensolus?

Trusted solution 100k+ connected assets
Reliable & complete data 100 percent data recovery
Use case profiling Guided testing & training
Innovative services Driven by supply chain insights

Why Group-GTS took the next step in tracking their trailers

Being active in national and international transport services since the eighties, Group-GTS has grown to become an internationally respected company. The Belgian group consists of three different entities, GTS, TDS, and Van Aerde. Each with their own specialty ranging from reefer transport to transporting construction materials. In an increasingly IT-oriented transport landscape, they want to ensure their trailers, semi-trailers, and container chassis are always visible and connected to the internet.

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