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A powerful & intuitive toolset for connecting your processes.

Applications for every use case

An extensive set of applications to maximize the value of your assets 1
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Inventory management

  • Save time searching for assets
  • Never count your stock manually again
  • Eliminate sleeping assets from your P&L
  • Avoid asset shortage delaying your processes.

Process flow management

  • Reduce your Work-in-Progress (WIP) costs
  • Predict delays in your supply chain
  • Predict the number of assets needed for each task
  • Detect suspicious asset locations in your flows
Process flow management
Utilization monitoring

Utilization monitoring

  • Use measurable KPIs to assess the utilisation of your assets
  • Eliminate sleeping assets from your P&L
  • Optimised allocation of your assets
  • Stop unnecessary fleet expansion

Condition monitoring

  • Detect quality issues early
  • Prove compliancy to customers and regulators
  • Eliminate manual logging
  • Control the quality provided by sub-contractors
condition monitoring
Maintenance update 1


  • Follow up the maintenance state of every single asset
  • Better planning of your fleet’s maintenance
  • See in a glimpse which assets need inspection