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Use cases

Asset maintenance management

Reduce cost of asset failure

Prevent asset failure by keeping better overview of utilization of your assets and in-time maintenance. Evolve from reactive to proactive maintenance planning.

Save money by just-in-time maintenance

Give your assets a longer lifetime by planning their maintenance on real usage and not in a time fixed manner.

Ensure maintenance planning is respected

By making the maintenance needs visible it is more easy to plan and follow-up the maintenance of your assets.

Always have the last information at hand

Add inspection data to your asset or consult the automated log of the past maintenances with the mobile app on when you are in the field carrying out the maintenance activities.

Be informed about the asset's maintenance needs

Follow up the maintenance state of every single asset

On every moment you can see in how many days or within how many kilometers there is a need to maintain your asset. Based on activity duration (days), travelled distance (km), time period (months) or on fixed times (date).

Better plan the maintenance of your fleet

A bird’s eye view on your whole fleet for optimal maintenance planning. This makes it possible to keep your fleet smaller but still giving optimal services to your customers.

Maintenance set up

Attach tracker on asset

Attach a tracker on your asset and activate the maintenance service in the platform.

Set a maintenance parameter

The parameter can be a fixed time period or travelled distance of your asset.

Attach a program

Define a threshold for each individual parameter the asset cannot exceed.

Assign alerts

Get an alert every time an asset exceeds the threshold of the parameter.

Example: Trailer Maintenance

Report failures in the field using the mobile app

Let your mobile workforce report problems encountered in the field

Report incidences in the field so the right person can plan the needed intervention and bring the right material as quick as possible. A serious help for your maintenance planner that will make your customer happy.

See in a glimpse which assets need inspection

Use the extensive filtering functions to have the right information about the maintenance needs of your assets. By creating custom filters or sharing filters different stakeholders can always have the needed information at hand.

Detailed insight of a single asset

Observe the current maintenance status

Of every maintenance parameter you can follow up in detail how the usage is evolving and you can scrutinize strange usage patterns.

Update maintenance information using the mobile app

A log is kept of every executed maintenance. You can confirm acknowledgement on site using the mobile app and attach a picture or report if needed.

Maintenance alerting, reporting & follow-up

Define customized maintenance alerts

Create dedicated maintenance alerts. Give them a customized name,  define the severity level and the threshold for when the alert should be triggered and notify you.

Extract maintenance reports

Schedule maintenance reports so you get an overview of maintenance needs every day, week,… and share them with your co-workers.

Start a new maintenance cycle

After maintenance took place check the box on the platform to confirm maintenance has been done and start a new maintenance cycle.
It is also possible to use the mobile app to change the status of maintenance while you are still in the field.

Products you can use with the Maintenance Service

TRACK 1000
TRACK 1010
TRACK 1010
TRACK 1200