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Use cases

Condition monitoring

Detect quality issues early

Strengthen both your customer relationships and your credibility by detecting quality issues as soon as they occur.

Eliminate manual logging

Replace labour intensive and error prone manual logging of environmental conditions with automated monitoring during transportation.

Prove compliancy to customers and regulators

Reduce your administrative work by proving, without paperwork, that environmental conditions were met during transport.

Control the quality provided by sub-contractors

Aim for the highest quality standards for your customers by controlling the quality of your sub-contractors.

Select a wireless sensor and start monitoring

sensolus tracker sensor connections
Select the sensors that fit your need

Define the quality metrics that you want to monitor before selecting the right sensor for your asset our catalogue.

As easy as a sticker

Our energy-efficient wireless sensors are easy to install. Simply follow the quick installation process shown on the platform.

Follow up current and historical measurements

Consult the current and historical sensor measurements using our dashboards or export them as a report.

Automated proof of compliance

Threshold color

Record non-compliant situations

Define compliancy thresholds for the environmental conditions of your products and automatically record any deviations.

Quality delivery

Check compliance before delivery​

Quickly verify the transport conditions before delivering goods to ensure you are providing the best possible service.

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Be directly notified in case of compliancy breaches

Define alert rules to monitor the quality requirements and be immediately notified in case of quality breaches.

Our solution in action

Discover more benefits of our solution

Monitor current conditions

Stay up to date with the condition of each asset during transport thanks to automatic notifications about the environmental conditions during transport. The asset information and asset journey pages visualize temperature, humidity, proximity, door open/closed, and more.

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Consult the evolution of conditions over time

Verify the evolution of environmental conditions within a timeframe to give you further insights into the status of your assets. Data can be easily exported as an excel file or consulted over the API.

Be alerted in case of non-compliance

Receive real-time notifications when an SLA breach occurs. As some assets need to be stored or transported within certain environmental conditions, you need to be aware if these conditions have been broken. Constant monitoring of your thresholds ensures you are immediately notified of any issue.

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The most used products for transport condition monitoring

SENSE HT 4050 300x300 TBG 1
TRACK 1000