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Utilisation monitoring

Use measurable KPIs to assess the utilisation of your assets

Use real utilisation metrics instead of gut feeling to understand how intensively your assets are used and detect underutilisation.

Optimised allocation of your assets

Get insights into unused assets in your fleet and bring them back in rotation.

Eliminate sleeping assets from your P&L

Discover unused assets in your fleet and reduce your maintenance, storage, and inventory costs by removing them.

Stop unnecessary fleet expansion

Monitor asset over- and underutilisation to, make informed decisions when it comes to fleet expansion.

"Everybody had a gut feeling that we use our assets a lot but there was no data. The question was: do we really need the fleet? The forklifts? Or can we discard some of them? It’s a cost impact, first thing."
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Kemal Dorak
Head of Manufacturing Quality at MHI Vestas

Detailed insights into the utilisation of each of your assets.

tracking utilization for multiple assets
Directly identify underperforming assets

Get insights into assets that are under– or overused.

Analyse trends to measure improvements

Monitor how your fleet’s utilisation evolves over time to quantify efficiency gains.

Compare performance of different business units

Monitor which business units perform better in terms of asset utilisation to create company-wide best practices.

Quantify the performance of your suppliers

Untangle complex supply chain processes and use supplier-specific reports to measure each supplier’s performance in your chain.

Monitor the utilisation metrics that impact your business

Each business or process has specific characteristic metrics that should be monitored. Define the ones you need in our platform to get the insights you need.

How long has my asset spent in transit?

Measure the duration that an asset has been used within a time period.For example, a trailer was used for 34 hours last week.

How far did it travel?

Measure the distance that an asset travelled within a time period.For example, a trailer was driven for 734 km last week.

How many trips did it make?

Record the number of times an asset is used within a time period.For example, container BZ345 performed 22 deliveries last week.

How often was a container emptied?

Check how many times an asset has been used within a time period. For example, a container was emptied 17 times last week.

"Sensolus gives us reliable data about the usage of our waste containers. We can now allocate waste containers to a new project faster and correctly size new investments."
Portrait of Wim data management analyst at Veolia
Wim Neckebroeck
Data Management Analyst at Veolia

Our solution in action

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Fleet utilisation

Calculate the real utilisation of your asset fleet by measuring real KPIs that impact your business.

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Utilisation KPI configurator

Monitor your used assets based on your own evaluation rules, or use any of the pre-loaded industry-wide templates.

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Individual asset utilisation

Optimise the utilisation of your assets by monitoring how often they are used within a time period. Define your own KPIs and evaluate performance based on your own criteria.

The most used Trackers for Utilisation Monitoring

Sensolus Track 1000
TRACK 1000