Waste Container Tracking:

Proven to reduce lost containers by 80%

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Full visibility of your waste containers
Eliminite unused waste containers ozyim0b3bb3ik0h0usipku7nsjbihoayuqson7rwhc
Detect unused and forgotten waste containers
Optimize pick up time efficiency ozyim0b3bb3ik0h0usipku7nsjbihoayuqson7rwhc
Set up geozone alerts and optimize pick-ups
Damaged container
Keep track of damaged waste containers

Locate your waste containers
anytime, anywhere

From precise location data to updates on fill levels, our platform offers comprehensive visibility, empowering you to manage your waste infrastructure with confidence. Compact and rugged, Sensolus trackers boast a battery life of up to 10 years. Easy to install and with no extra infrastructure required, these hand-sized trackers seamlessly provide indoor and outdoor localization, ensuring precise tracking, under tough conditions, in any environment.

gps asset tracking platform
gps asset tracking utilization monitoring

Detect unused and forgotten waste containers

Make the most of the containers you have. Monitor the usage of waste containers, by detecting under and overused containers using our intuitive platform. By gaining insights into container usage patterns, you can streamline operations, minimize downtime, and ensure resources are allocated effectively. Unlock the full potential of your containers and take productivity to the next level.

Set up geozone alerts and optimize pick-ups

Gain complete oversight of your containers’ whereabouts, knowing precisely which sites they’re located at.  Define your zones of interest and receive real-time alerts if containers deviate from designated areas. Stay in control and protect your containers like never before.

GPS asset tracker
waste container maintenance platform

Keep track of damaged waste containers

Stay proactive to avoid disruptions in your operations. Empower your mobile workforce to report field issues instantly, ensuring swift interventions and minimizing downtime. Streamline maintenance by identifying assets in need of inspection at a glance. 

The Hardware

Battery-powered GPS tracking device

sensolus gps tracker

Mature and validated


Durable design


Up to 10 years battery life

Tilt and fill level monitoring

Easy installation for different waste containers

Roll off container background white
Roll-off container
Skip container background white
Skip container
IBC container background white
IBC container
Waste compactor background white
Waste compactors

Customer Testimonial

Veolia optimizes the usage of their trailers & waste containers

Veolia is a renowned global company that has been in operation since 1853. Originally founded in France, the company rebranded as Veolia in 2003 and has since expanded its presence to more than 45 countries worldwide. Veolia focuses on helping customers tackle environmental and sustainability challenges related to energy, water, and waste.

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“The amount of movements and time within movements of waste containers is very interesting. If we see waste containers are standing still at our own site, we won’t invest in new ones. These insights are crucial for future investments.”

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