Most frequent questions and answers


Our solution is a one-stop shop. The trackers are paired with a yearly subscription so that you get the full package, saving you the hassle of having to manage hardware, software, and communication subscriptions on your own. Sensolus focuses on these technicalities, so you can focus on your business.


Yes, and we encourage it! We strongly believe that the integration with your enterprise systems brings more value, which is why we always make the information in the Sensolus platform available through an API(Application Programming Interface) as well. Using API webhooks, data is sent to your systems in real-time manner, providing your ERP with accurate location information. You can also periodically pull data to sync the information. Additionally, we also offer the possibility to enrich the asset information in the Sensolus platform with your own ERP data by injecting it through our API.



Sensolus offers a range of sensors to monitor environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, presence, loading status, orientation, and more! These sensors, when paired with our trackers, transmit precise measurement data to our advanced Sensolus platform. By utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, our sensors enhance the capabilities of the trackers, providing valuable additional information about assets and their surroundings. This empowers businesses to make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and ensure asset safety and integrity.


Maintenance interventions by your employees are a scarce resource, which is why the Sensolus solution will minimize these intervention needs as much as possible. Our goal is to enable hassle-free asset tracking for as many years as possible.

During the lifecycle of the asset, some operations may be necessary to assure continuous tracking of your assets, often because of the ever changing technological landscape and rugged environments in which you are operating. Sensolus provides valuable features to monitor the health of the tracker and ensure optimal performance.

Sensolus offers tracker diagnostics that provide you with insights about how a tracker functions in the field. These diagnostics focus on quality metrics related to data communication, geolocation determination, and knowing if a suitable configuration that matches the usage pattern of the asset is applied.

Trackers can be configured remotely, so the need for local interventions is reduced as much as possible. It also means that you can still modify the tracker behavior after initial deployment, as your needs and insights evolve over the years. The Sensolus platform offers a way unique way to simplify configuration management at scale, without drowning you in all the technicalities that you often find with other IOT solutions.

Effective battery-powered asset tracking is about achieving the optimal balance between meaningful location information and battery consumption. Sensolus includes advanced monitoring of battery power consumption, and accurate calculation of the remaining autonomy including low battery warnings, allowing you to effectively manage your assets' tracking capabilities. For selected trackers models, the battery pack can be replaced.

Firmware upgrades are needed because the technological landscape will keep evolving. But it is also a way to bring more features and capabilities in the years to come after your initial deployment. Sensolus simplifies the process of firmware upgrades by performing them over the air. This means that you can update the tracker's firmware remotely without the need for physical intervention.

Country Coverage

The Sensolus solution currently operates in Europe and North America - utilizing various communication networks to ensure wide coverage and battery-efficient tracking capabilities. Sensolus utilizes the Sigfox and NB-IoT LPWAN networks, which offer excellent coverage and energy efficiency for our tracking solution. In addition to LPWAN networks, Sensolus also integrates with well-known cellular networks like 2G and 4G. This allows for reliable tracking connectivity in areas where LPWAN coverage may be limited or unavailable.


Location tracking is relatively straightforward when it comes to devices with GPS and constant power supply, especially in outdoor environments. However, Sensolus takes asset tracking to a whole new level by creating visibility beyond vehicle transportation- with our solution, you can consistently monitor of non-powered assets that may move between indoor and outdoor spaces.  These assets, without their own power source, can be effectively tracked using our solution. The most impressive part? Our technology eliminates the need for battery replacements for up to 10 years, depending on the specific use case and configuration.

Accuracy can range from 10 meters to several kilometers - depending on the needs of the use case. Sensolus trackers can often make use of multiple localization techniques, because each technique has particular advantages and limitations when it comes to accuracy and power consumption. The technologies that we use are:


Sensolus offers different methods to track your assets, allowing you to follow them while in motion.


  • Movement-based locations: In this mode, the tracker uses its accelerometer to detect motion and trigger location captures when starting and stopping. Also, while the asset is being transported, additional periodic locations can be recorded.
  • Periodic locations: Periodic triggers capture a location at fixed time intervals, such as every 24 hours.
  • Scheduled locations: Scheduled triggers allow capturing locations at specific times during the day.

For most cases, movement-based locations are a good choice. New users are often surprised by how well this accelerometer-based provides the right location data. And it also means that less battery is consumed when an asset stands still.


When you are new to the world of asset tracking, you might initially be looking for the solution that provides the highest accuracy and most location points at the best price. There’s no escaping the main law that a high location accuracy and high number of location points is always a trade-off with battery lifetime.

Sensolus trackers have an integrated accelerometer that accurately detects when the asset starts moving and stops moving, and locations are captured at these points. These locations points are the most important, meaningful data to track assets. If needed, locations can also be captured while in transit or periodically. But, very often, ‘less is more’ is a good way of thinking because the analysis and intelligence is easier and less costly.

When it comes to location accuracy, a lot of business value is already achieved by having moderately accurate locations (say, 10m- 50m). GPS localization can achieve 5m accuracy when outdoors with unobstructed sky view. Sensolus has the expertise to correctly advise you how to achieve the optimal outcome. And, know that the Sensolus solution allows our trackers to be easily remotely adapted if your needs change over time.