Waste management

Optimize waste management and reduce environmental impact

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Full visibility of your waste containers
Eliminite unused waste containers ozyim0b3bb3ik0h0usipku7nsjbihoayuqson7rwhc
Detect unused and forgotten waste containers
Optimize pick up time efficiency ozyim0b3bb3ik0h0usipku7nsjbihoayuqson7rwhc
Set up geozone alerts and optimize pick-ups
Damaged container
Keep track of damaged waste containers

An end-to-end waste management platform

No more lost, underused or stolen waste containers.

Keeping track of the location of waste containers often relies on time-consuming and error-prone human logging. Moreover, transport is often performed by sub-contractors further complicating your manual logging. This leads to long container hunts and the suboptimal use of your container fleet.

With Sensolus, you will know where your waste containers are – the location, area and customer – at all times.

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reduction in lost containers
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saved in container management costs
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increase in container utilization

Save money on new containers by keeping track of the ones you have

It's more than just a tracking solution, we offer a tangible return on investment.

To better understand the value of investing in a tracking system with AI-driven data analytics software, we analyzed a business case of a company that deploys 350 tracking units.

Companies that trust Sensolus

"Sensolus gives us reliable data about the usage of our waste containers. We allocate waste containers to a new project faster and correctly size new investments."
Portrait of Wim data management analyst at Veolia
Wim Neckebroeck
Data management analyst at Veolia

Know how much, or how little, your containers are being used

& be alerted when your containers aren't where they should be.

Efficiency is key in the waste management industry, and with our solution, you can easily monitor the usage of waste containers, detect under and overused containers, along with immediately locating misplaced or stolen containers.

Theft protection is particularly important considering the high market value of scrap metal.

Waste management

One platform to manage an entire container fleet

Tailor our applications to the needs of your use case.

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Theft protection

Be alerted when the container is in the wrong place.

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Utilization monitoring

Ensure that no asset is left unused, or overused.

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Inventory management

Know exactly where your containers are.

Popular containers to track

Roll-off container

Roll-off containers

sorted waste containers

Sorted waste containers

Hazardous waste container

Hazardous waste containers

The most suitable trackers

Connected asset trackers copy

TRACK 1000

Sensolus Track 1020

TRACK 1020

Work with one of our partners, and let the solution work for you.

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