Asset location & usage tracking

Wherever you are, you can check where your assets are at a certain point in time. Fully autonomous sensors, that are battery-powered and require no cables, will keep you up-to-date about your assets location and usage. The energy-efficiency of our application is guaranteed by combining different geolocation technologies like GPS, WiFi, BLE and network-based geolocation via an LPWAN. And what if there’s no network coverage? Then our data integrity algorithm, a patented data synchronization solution in the Sensolus cloud, ensures data recovery. In the web application, you can analyze this location & usage data, based on configurations you choose yourself.


Why location & usage tracking?

Capacity optimization

Analyze asset capacity
In our web application, you get detailed overviews and insights for the geozones that really matter for your processes, logistics flows or daily operations. Start to analyze the past, current and future evolution for each critical geozone. This will help you to map actual and future capacity for each specific zone. It will also detect retention in your process. Lastly, it will enable you to plan and optimize rotation on different lanes.

Usage tracking

Optimize asset usage
For every non-powered asset in the field, usage is tracked continuously. This will help you understand the use-rate on your fleet, as well as over-use and non-usage. In other words, it will allow you to find back idle assets, optimize and plan asset allocation, validate usage-based contracts with customers and introduce pay-per-use billing to your customers.

Inventory tracking

No more manual inventory
Inventory management is often a hidden cost. If not automated, you need manpower to count your assets. Subsequently, they log their results manually and you risk human error. Our solution can automatically make this inventory for you, eliminating human error. It will allow you to identify different types of assets on either a small (for example a specific manufacturing site) or large scale (for example on country level). Furthermore, the inventory data can be used in your reporting.

Smart contracts

Subcontractor alignment
Having a good alignment between you and your subcontractors is key to build a good business relationship. With the reporting possibilities in our application, you can check whether your subcontractors comply with their contracts and obligations with you. Furthermore, you can monitor and control your own procedures and prove to your customers that you comply with contractual obligations.

Maintenance planning

Anticipate on maintenance
Typically, maintenance is planned by either looking at existing regulation or by analyzing historical data. Not the optimal reference data. With our asset tracking solution you know how much an asset is used. Combine this with geolocation and you can optimise your maintenance planning and thus decrease maintenance and replacement costs.

Additional Services

What more do we offer?

Alerts SMS & email notifications
ERP integration Efficient data management
Single Sign-On Use your corporate ID
Automated reporting Filter & customize

Why Sensolus?

IoT experts Trusted by 500+ customers
Business analytics Custom dashboards & reporting
Customer service Guided testing & training process
Reliable solution Battery prediction & data integrity