Terms & conditions

Sensolus – Terms of use

These terms govern the use of the Sensolus services, complementing the terms of the contract between Sensolus and the User or the organisation to which the User is affiliated.  The Sensolus Services cover the Sensolus Platform, the Sensolus Trackers, the Sensolus Stickntrack services and any other service that Sensolus may offer.  Sensolus is entitled to modify its services at its sole discretion, without materially changing the core functionality of the Sensolus Services or discontinuing the service.

Section 1.          Sensolus contact details

Sensolus NV is a company under Belgian law, with enterprise number 0543.551.277 and registered offices at 9000 Gent – B, Rijsenbergstraat 148 D. It can be reached by e-mail info@sensolus.com.

Section 2.          Contracting entity – User

Sensolus’s services can only be used if a contract with Sensolus (hereafter Contract) has been concluded in which the contractual terms (Sensolus services, price, liability, term and termination,…) are detailed.  The contracting party (hereafter Contracting Party or Organisation) can designate several Users in different roles, authorised to use Sensolus’s services on its behalf (e.g. employee, consultant).  No distinct service contract between Sensolus and the User results from the mere use of the Sensolus services under these terms of use.

The User acknowledges that her use of the Sensolus services is governed by a Contract and she agrees to use Sensolus’s services only in accordance with the instructions of the Contracting Party.

Various types of user accounts are available:

  • Viewer: has the rights to consult the status and historical data of all trackers owned by their Contracting Party, view alerts,geozones, …, view the Contracting Party’s members and edit his/her user info.
  • Editor: in addition to the Viewer’s prerogatives, Editor manage existing trackers, add new trackers for the Contracting Party, edit alerts andgeozones, …
  • Organization Administrator: in addition to the Editor’s prerogatives, Organisation Administrator can customise the interface and manage the settings, …

The Contracting Party alone shall determine which type of account shall be attributed to the User.

Section 3.          Access to and use of the Sensolus Services

The User has access to the Sensolus Services by means of a login and a password.  The login and password are personal and the User shall not communicate her login and passwords to any third party.  Should a third party get access to the User’s account, the User will inform Sensolus at the earliest convenience so Sensolus can take the necessary measures to suspend the use of the User’s account and the use of the Sensolus Services.

The User shall only use the Sensolus Services for the purpose of getting access to the Sensolus trackers associated to the Contracting Party’s account in accordance with the privileges which the Contracting Party has granted to the User.

The User shall not use the Sensolus Services (i) for illegal purposes, to perform acts that could be contrary to the applicable law (criminal or otherwise) or that could be prejudicial to Sensolus, other Users or third parties, or (ii) in a way that disrupts Sensolus’s Services (networks, accounts, platform,…), or (iii) to transmit any unlawful, prejudicial or harassing material, unauthorised advertising, spam or material that may infringe intellectual property rights or other rights of Sensolus or third parties, or material that contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs or other harmful computer code or files, or (iv) gather personal or non-personal data relating to Sensolus or other Users, or (v) to reverse engineer the Sensolus Services or to directly or indirectly prepare competing or derivative services, or (vi) to resell Sensolus Services to third parties, (vii) by crawling, scraping, spidering the Sensolus Services without prior authorisation.

Section 4.          Limitation of liability

The Sensolus Services are performed on an as-is basis and Sensolus guarantees no particular result.  Sensolus shall make a reasonable effort to make the Sensolus Services available to the User but does not guarantee that the Services will be uninterrupted or error-free.

Sensolus shall not be held liable for any defaults vis-à-vis the User unless it is demonstrated that it has made specific faults regarding the User (distinct from any possible faults regarding the Contracting Party, which are covered by the underlying Contract) or faults resulting in specific damage for the User (distinct from the Contracting Party’s damage).  In case of default, Sensolus can only be held to restore the defaulting Service.  In any case is the amount of liability limited to [€ 500,00].  Liability for indirect liability is excluded.

Section 5.          Term and termination

The User shall be entitled to use the Sensolus Services for the duration of the underlying contract, unless the Contracting Party terminates the User privileges (e.g. due to termination of labour or consultancy contract).

Sensolus is entitled to suspend or terminate the use of the Sensolus Services (e.g. by blocking or terminating the User account) without prior notification if the User violates the terms of the Sensolus terms of use.  Sensolus is not obliged to make the data related to the User account available to the User, without prejudice to the personal data which the User is entitled to access on the basis of data protection rules.  The data relating to the Sensolus Services will be available to the Contracting Party in accordance with the underlying contract.

Sensolus – Personal data and privacy policy

Sensolus NV (company under Belgian law, with enterprise number 0543.551.277) treats important volumes of data while running the Sensolus Services.  It cannot be excluded that some data are personal data.

1. Sensolus acts as a processor with regard to certain data, i.e. the data which are generated by the trackers and the Sensolus Services and which could contain personal data.  The controller of these personal data is the Contracting Party, with which Sensolus has concluded a service contract and to which the User is affiliated.

The Contracting Party alone controls for which purposes the Sensolus trackers are used, whether personal data are generated, for which purposes the personal data are processed and on which legal basis the same is done.

2. With regard to the personal data which Sensolus gathers itself, Sensolus acts as a controller in the sense of the Belgian act of 8 December 1992 regarding the protection of privacy relating to the processing of personal data and in the sense of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.

Sensolus can be contacted as follows:

Mail address: Sensolus NV, Rijsenbergstraat 148 D, B-9000 Gent
Phone: +32 493 30 53 06
E-mail: info@sensolus.com

Sensolus will collect the User’s personal data that the User will submit, in particular: name, e-mail address, phone number.  In addition, Sensolus will process data which Sensolus will observe in relation to the User, such as IP address, device data, data concerning the use of the Sensolus Services (logs).

The personal data of the User will processed in view of the following purposes:  (i) verifying the correct functioning of the Sensolus Services and pursuing a high quality of service (by monitoring the  technical functioning of the Services, detecting and solving problems of the Services, detecting malicious usage, diagnosing the quality of the installation and functioning of Trackers of a specific Organization) and (ii) proposing new services and offering personalised recommendations (e.g. suggested equipment to improve the quality of the service).

These acts of processing under (i) are necessary for the performance of a contract between Sensolus and the Contracting Party.  The acts of processing under (ii) are based on the legitimate interests of Sensolus (in conducting its business, performing technical and commercial services) and the Contracting Party (in having access to information regarding better services).

The personal data will be stored during the execution of the underlying Contract and for a period of 12 months after the termination of the underlying Contract.

The personal data of the User shall be transferred to third parties, in particular Sensolus’s contractors.

The personal data may be transferred to third countries where Sensolus’s contractor, which will act as a processor, is established outside the EEA.  The User explicitly accepts that such contractor/processor accesses her data in view of the performance of technical acts in the context of the performance of the Sensolus Services.

The User has the possibility to verify whether her data are correct by logging in to her user account.  The User can correct or erase any personal data which are not or no longer correct.  Should this functionality not be satisfactory, the User can request Sensolus to access the personal data it processes and to rectify or erase personal data which prove to be incorrect.

The User is entitled to lodge a complaint with the Belgian supervisory authority (Commission for the Protection of Privacy, accessible via https://www.privacycommission.be/en).

3. Sensolus uses cookies, i.e. small text files placed on the hard disk of User’s computers “session cookies” and “persistent cookies”. The cookies collect the following information: IP number, device data, use of Sensolus Service. The cookies are used for the following purposes:  cookies necessary for correct technical functioning of the Sensolus Services (e.g. to make the portal work correctly and to remember previous actions when navigating back to a page in the same session), cookies to improve the performance of the Sensolus Services (e.g. to understand how users interact with the portal, to help to improve the portal) or to improve the functionalities and usability of the Sensolus Services (e.g. to remember the language you want to use the portal in) and cookies to improve Sensolus’s advertising and communication policy (e.g. to help measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns). Sensolus uses first party and third party cookies (in particular to analyse the use of the Sensolus Services and improve their usability).

The User explicitly consents to the use of cookies in order to use the Sensolus Services. If the User does not consent to the use of cookies, she can manage her preferences in her browser settings.