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Process flow management

Reduce your Work-in-Progress(WIP) costs

Reducing the time that partially finished goods await completion, lowers the associated WIP costs.

Predict the number of assets needed for each task

Eliminate purchasing unnecessary assets while still keeping your production up and running.

Predict delays in your supply chain

Avoid slowing or stopping your production and shipping processes, saving you time, money and energy.

Detect suspicious asset locations in your flows

Stop wasting time searching for assets that are not where they’re supposed to be. Receive early notifications to prevent delays in your processes.

" As well as being accurate, quick to deploy and energy-saving, it works great! The logistics data flow has significantly increased, providing more visibility for daily operations. "
portrait of Maxime IoT technical specialist at airbus
Maxime Saraiva
IoT Technical specialist at Airbus

Map your production stages and process flows

map production stages

Model your flows

Link the different steps in your process flow to geographical zones

Assign assets to your flows

Assign assets too your flows individually or in bulk.

Follow up asset flows.

Get an overview of all the assets rotating in your flows.

Understand the travel patterns of your assets

asset travel patterns
Inspect how assets move between sites

Dive deeper into the detailed rotations to understand how individual assets move from site to site.

Know where your assets stop and for how long

Discover patterns and adapt your planning and predictions based on measured historical data.

Inspect flow statistics and outliers

Understand the rotation behavior of your complete fleet through average and outlier analysis.

Troubleshoot the rotations of a specific asset

Be notified if an asset rotates incorrectly or take a closer look at an asset’s status to optimise its position in your logistics flow.

Focus on flow anomalies

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Be notified in case of flow anomalies in your flows

Create alert rules to be notified of assets not complying with expected flow.

Investigate anomalies

Investigate any anomalies in your flows, for example, why assets stay longer than expected at a particular supply chain step or why it takes too long for assets to return.

Optimise the number of assets for each flow

Be warned when the stock of free assets like RTP’s is too high or too low in a specific step of the flow.

Monitor and optimise subcontractor performance

Understand the impact of subcontractor performance on flow rotation speed and how this can cause delays for your business.

Flow creator 768x481 1

Flow creator

Enjoy optimal production efficiency for all your assets by designing the best sequence of locations for each asset or asset type.

Create geozone 768x480 1

Geozone creator

Get better insights in your asset management by creating your zones of interest in the creator tool. These geo-zones can be used for alerts, flows, and stock management.

flow 768x461 1

Asset flow visualisation

Discover how your individual assets move from site to site by diving deeper into the detailed journey information.

powerbi 768x422 1

Flow analysis reports

Explore the flows of your whole fleet based on rotation statistics, blocking steps and other insights. Plus, troubleshoot any anomalies that could impact your business.