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Peak Technologies partner with Sensolus to drive IoT solutions in the UKI

Sensolus and Peak Technologies are delighted to announce their partnership to make tracking non-powered assets easy. This partnership allows Peak Technologies to help customers to remove all the hurdles associated with tracking non-powered assets and deliver a simple, reliable solution to implement into their supply chains.

Peak Technologies is a supply chain specialist solutions provider working mainly within the transport, logistics, retail, and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. For over 35 years, Peak Technologies has been at the forefront of providing end-to-end solutions mainly in data capture and asset tracking, enabling customers to achieve efficient and productive business operations and supply chain processes.

Sensolus was established in 2013 with the mission to transform the complex and technical world of wireless sensors (IoT) into user-friendly solutions. The founders shared a collective vision of enabling businesses to deploy IoT effortlessly and create value without the need for expensive and time-consuming engineering projects. Their core goal was to relieve teams of the complexity of the Internet of Things and allow them to concentrate on creating daily business value through process changes.

Peak Technologies identified a gap at in their real-time location services portfolio which led them to identifying Sensolus as a partner that could solve the pain points they found their customers experiencing. They found customers were looking for a better understanding of where goods are, how long they’ve been in a location, if they have left, if they’ve arrived on time etc.

Through partnering with Sensolus, Peak Technologies have been able to provide customers with an intelligent solution that doesn’t require infrastructure and provides powerful data insights. This has resulted in customers gaining a better understanding of how things move and empowering them to take action on how their operations and supply chain can be improved.

Anthony Fulgoni, Innovations Consultant at Peak Technologies spoke of the partnership with Sensolus and how it benefits their customers “The more that we can help track and understand how operations work for customers, the more we can help them improve their operations to make it a better service and better business for them.”

As the Head of Partnerships at Sensolus, and currently leading our sales in the UKI, Filip Van Lancker, shares his insights into the market “Sensolus is seeing a rapid increase in demand for our solution within the UK and Ireland, and by partnering up with an established company such as Peak Technologies, we are poised to deliver the best quality IoT solutions that we can offer.”

Both organisations encompass vast levels of experience in the industry and are dedicated to offering the best possible solutions for customers to manage high volumes of non-powered assets with their end goal of optimising logistics and supply chain processes in mind

About Peak Technologies

End-to-End Provider of Supply Chain, Mobility and Retail Solutions

For over 35 years, Peak Technologies has been at the forefront of providing end-to-end enterprise mobility, managed services, printing and mobile data capture solutions for performance-driven organizations focused on the optimization of supply chain and field-based business processes.

Peak Technologies’ in-depth industry-specific experience, state-of-the-art solutions and managed services, and exemplary customer support provide transformational business solutions and results that deliver greater ROI and outstanding value.

Peak Technologies serves as a trusted business partner for some of the world’s largest companies, while also supporting local and regional customers with an extensive coverage footprint throughout North America and Europe.