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The importance of Narrowband IoT for asset tracking

Plug and play

Suitable for
industrial use

No infrastructure

What makes NB-IoT a smart choice

Rapidly evolving network

Expanding NB IoT network min

In 2020, almost half of the globally LPWAN connected devices consisted of NB-IoT connections. Its wireless communication enables connecting trackers that need small amounts of data, low bandwidth, and a long battery lifetime.

Combined with the fact that the network roll-out is backed by large telecom players, it is an excellent option for industrial IoT applications.

Live and systematic location updates

Today, live asset location updates for traveling assets are a must at times. For example, when a high-value container crosses a border.

An NB-IoT tracker can send information to the cloud within (milli)seconds. Furthermore, it can check anytime if messages are transmitted, providing regular asset location updates.

Locations nb iot

Effortless and remote firmware updates

Firmware updates visual NB IoT min

Update NB-IoT firmware from behind your desk or at your home office. Product features improve over time. And so does firmware, a set of instructions programmed on a tracker.

With NB-IoT, you update firmware remotely. Leave complex logistics operations gathering trackers to update firmware behind you.

When to choose NB-IoT

Discover the use case characteristic compatible with NB-IoT

Use case characteristic NB-IoT Sigfox
Live location updates needed
Asset regularly moves between different countries
Asset located on borders between countries
Asset in closed loops
Asset in open loops Depening on network coverage Depening on network coverage
Hard-to-access trackers
Indoor highly important

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NB-IoT tracking devices, the right choice for you?

Whether NB-IoT is a smart choice for your use case depends on many factors. Reach out to our team of experts, and we’ll help you make the right decision for your business.