This sensor accumulates the total duration a direct current is flowing in the forward and/or backward direction above a configurable threshold.

SENSE CUR 4600 Front small removebg


activity sensor

Activity measuring


Machine charging information

Use cases

Usage of rental equipment

Cleaning machine stock 1 min

Know how much your machine is being used and get insights on the charging times of your machine park.

Possible use cases for the SENSE CUR 4600:

  • Cleaning machines
  • Cleaning robots
  • Electric Forklifts
  • Electric Golf carts
  • Solar batteries
  • Backup/emergency batteries
  • Anything that has a battery or works on DC power is a good use case

How it works

cleaning machine sensor 1

The sense CUR 4600 measures the current in the machine battery wires.

tracker in callout 1

A tracker captures and sends the current values to the platform.

sensolus platform illustration

The sensolus platform interprets and visualizes the raw values as machine usage.

Platform features

Get activity insights of your battery powered assets:

  • The actual utilization of your machines based on ignition of the battery.
  • The charging times so the battery has optimal durability.

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Technical documentation

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