How Airbus uses Sensolus to its full potential to optimize supply chain management

Worldwide Airbus designs, manufactures and delivers aerospace products, services, and solutions. A better-connected, safer world is what they strive towards. Not only for their customers but also for themselves. That’s why they decided to implement our cloud-based asset tracking solution to manage and optimize the logistics activities for the entire group.

Airbus key facts

In April 2019, it was announced that Airbus is on track to become the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world. This being said, you can imagine they have quite some logistic means to manage. In fact, Airbus has thousands of logistic means that travel from suppliers to different Airbus sites. The challenge with these means is to get them to the right place in time. Undamaged.  

With a cloud-based asset tracking solution like Sensolus, this can be achieved. Sensolus’ low-power trackers communicate about the location and usage of a logistics means and will send an alert in case of unexpected movements. 

Before choosing our asset tracking solution, Airbus performed an in-depth study of different metering and tracking solutions. The reason they selected Sensolus is that our solution is the most mature solution in the market, being both energy-efficient and intelligent.

“While being cheap, accurate, quick to deploy and energy-saving, it works great! The logistics data flow has significantly increased providing even more visibility for daily operations.” – Maxime Saraiva, IoT Technical Specialist at Airbus

Airbus can now follow-up thousands of RTPs (Returnable Transport Packaging) as they transit through various warehouses and international departments. Furthermore, they successfully implemented our geobeacon based solution. This extends the reach of our asset tracking solution to both outdoor and indoor tracking. By integrating the Airbus IoT platform with Sensolus, Airbus increased the efficiency of logistics activities for the whole group.

Sensolus makes non-powered assets in the supply chain visible and smart. Our solution is internationally recognized as simple, reliable, and robust. Would you like to work together with us in the same way to optimize your supply chain? Get in touch with our team to discuss your use case. 

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