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Fleet management optimization with Logi-App and Sensolus

Logi-App, the Netherlands-based software application offers an all-in-one tracking solution that is designed for the logistical needs of fleet managers. This innovative logistics app helps managers know where their vehicles are, how long drivers are on the road, analyze delays and ensure that everything runs on schedule.

The Logi-App solution is a great match for Sensolus, and because of ongoing conversations between Michiel Raat, Sales Executive for the Netherlands and the owner of Logi-App, Edwin Marijnissen, this partnership was established quickly and easily.

How does the fleet management solution work?

Logi-App offers an innovative solution that replaces the traditional fixed on-board computer used in trucks and cars with a mobile app. By providing the app in a smart phone or tablet format, it becomes more cost-effective, versatile, and user-friendly.

The app uses a sim-card for connectivity, which opens up endless possibilities. It can function independently to monitor various data points or be paired with a vehicle module via Bluetooth for a comprehensive analysis of driving data. This integration provides users with an enhanced level of information and visibility, making it an ideal solution for fleet managers that want to improve the overall efficiency of their fleet.

Fleet management

The Sensolus integration with Logi-App

The Sensolus tracker is a game-changing solution designed for non-powered transportation assets such as trailers. The tracker collects valuable data that is seamlessly integrated into the Logi-app portal, providing users with a comprehensive overview of their assets. The driver can easily locate the trailer they need to pick up by accessing navigation on the map, while track and trace capabilities allow for optimal utilization and management of the trailer fleet.

However, the true value of the Sensolus tracker lies in its ability to connect to the active, powered vehicle via Bluetooth low energy, using the mobile device running the Logi-App. This enables the connection between the truck and the trailer, allowing for streamlined communication and coordination. For instance, the planner can assign truck 123 to connect with trailer 100 to transport goods to a destination. The smartphone will automatically recognize the tracker of the trailer and confirm if it is the correct one. Once the connection is established, the driver and planner are notified, and the driver can depart for their destination.

The Logi-app portal enables the tracking of trailer locations and pairing them with the right trucks. In the past, it was not uncommon for drivers to connect to the wrong trailer, causing delays and confusion for the planner. 

Solving real problems and optimizing fleet management

Edwin Marijnissen shares the practical value of the solution, “ID Logistics has a fleet of over 540 trailers, and their drivers often struggle to locate the correct trailer. The Sensolus tracker, combined with the Logi-app portal, solves this problem by providing accurate location data and pairing trailers with the right trucks.”

Another potential issue is when a warehouse loads a different trailer than planned, causing confusion and delays. However, by integrating the solution, any changes made in the warehouse are immediately reflected in the system, and the dispatch team is promptly informed, enabling them to quickly adjust plans and keep the operation running smoothly. Overall, the Sensolus and Logi-app portals are invaluable tools that streamline operations and optimize fleet management for logistics companies.

Choosing the right technology for fleet management optimization

Sensolus offers a solution that connects seamlessly with Logi-app. Michiel Raat explains the benefits, “integrating Sensolus with the Logi-App software makes it easy to manage fleets and optimize operations from a single platform. The use of IoT technology and BLE connection also provides a low-entry and low-cost solution, which makes it an attractive option for logistics companies. “

While there have been other alternatives to Sensolus in the past, the ability to fully integrate the system with Logi-app and provide an all-in-one solution makes Sensolus the preferred choice for efficient and effective fleet management.

Looking to the future of transport

The partnership between Sensolus and Logi-App has a very promising future. With Logi-App’s customer base being an ideal match for Sensolus, there is already potential to test the extended capabilities of the solution with existing clients.

In addition, all new prospects will be introduced to the full offer, which includes the Sensolus solution, giving businesses the opportunity to improve their operational efficiency, optimize fleet management, and reduce costs.

About Logi-app

As a transport operator or fleet manager, it is very important that you have and keep control of your fleet. You want to know where your vehicles are, be able to see how long your drivers are on the road, analyze where possible delays occur and whether you are meeting your schedules. You also want to check whether your drivers adhere to the traffic rules and handle their vehicles in a sensible and controlled manner.

Logi-App is the all-in-one logistics app for truck drivers that not only enables all these insights, but offers many more functionalities. Logi-App is an on-board computer app that has been specifically developed with the needs of transport operators in mind. This transport app is completely complete, plug & play ready and, most importantly, has very low installation and user costs.