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Asset trackers

Bluetooth tag tracking

Tracking low cost assets

Not all assets need a high-end asset tracker.
Bluetooth tag tracking is an affordable solution that provides basic features for smaller, less expensive assets.

How it works



A small Bluetooth tag tracker is attached to an asset and broadcasts its identity.

TAg scanners

Tag scanners

Tag scanners detect the tag trackers and sends the location to the platform

Application platform 1


The platform organizes the captured locations in a meaningful way and gives insights on the tracked assets.

Use cases

the illustration shows an example of the installation of a ble tag and a wired gps tracker

In transit tracking

Bluetooth tag trackers are perfect for assets in transit, be sure to meet the following requirements:

  • You have control of the transportation and equip it with tag scanners.
  • You equip all assets which need to be tracked with identified tags.
  • You know the drop-off and pick-up points of the assets.

Zone tracking

Know which zone your assets are in at the click of a button, this is the ideal solution if:

  • You want to know if your assets are in a dedicated zone.
  • You equip all assets which need to be tracked with a tracker tag.
Zone tracking

Tag trackers

TAG 2001 300x300 3
Tag 2001
Sensolus Tag puck 2002
Tag 2002

Bluetooth tag scanners

Bluetooth tag trackers are fitted with a unique identifier. This unique ID is detected by an anchor or other scanning device which then transmits the location to the Sensolus platform.

This means that the tag trackers are dependent on minimal infrastructure to work. Below are the fixed anchors and externally powered trackers needed depending on your particular use case:

In transit tracking infrastructure

Externally powered trackers

Zone tracking infrastructure

Sensolus ZA 3500
ZA 3500 - Externally powered Zone anchor

Unsure which anchor to use?
We have several options, and combining different anchors is also possible.

Platform features

Make the most out of the platform features available:
  • You will get a lot of location updates
  • you know the drop-off and pick-up points of the assets.
  • You can receive alerts.
  • Create reports
image 22