Track 1203

Wired GNSS 4G Tracker

Track 1203 is a smart and waterproof GNSS tracker with Bluetooth connectivity and internal backup battery.

Location and activity

Smart location and activity detection

location of vans and trucks on map for the track 1203 GPS tracker
Continuous location updates

The wired trackers capture location updates every 2 minutes while moving and sending the information to the Sensolus platform.

Journey/trip detection

The trackers allow to extract full and detailed journeys of assets between different locations.


Extract how often and how long your asset has been utilized to optimize your fleet or roll-out pay per use models.

A connectable sustainable tracker

More than location tracking

Travelled distance

The tracker sends it data to the cloud platform where the travelled distance of the tracker is shown.

Speed and direction

The speed and direction of your vehicle is captured by a built-in gyroscope.

Bluetooth scanning

The tracker can scan for BLE beacon trackers in the vicinity.


Why choose a GPS 4G tracker?

The 4G covers more countries, no limitations in seeing your asset move around Europe.

2G networks are starting to vanish, trackers with 4G are a reliable solution for the future.

Assets & Segments

Trucks and vans

  • Always know where your assets are
  • Easy access to travelled distance
  • Know the speed they travelled at
  • Easy access to travelled distance and direction
Tanker 2048x1285 min
vans parking

Most used applications

Inventory management 1

Inventory Management

Know at every moment where your assets are.

Utilization monitoring

Utilization Management

Detect and find back stolen assets.

Invisible process flows

Process flow management

Optimize asset rotation times & detect flow anomalies.

Technical documentation

download a pdf file of the technical documents you need