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Reducing environmental impact through waste management optimization: a common goal between Sigrenea and Sensolus

Waste management optimization

Trusted by private and public sectors alike, including the City of Paris, Airbus, Suez, and more, French-based Sigrenea has established itself as a leading expert in real-time waste management optimization. As a designer and supplier of connected solutions, Sigrenea invests yearly in an ambitious research and development program to offer its customers practical optimization tools.

Sigrenea develops its solutions with the aim of enabling its users with the power to reduce their environmental impact. Waste management optimization means fewer trucks on the road, less material wear and tear, less fuel consumption, and less Co2 emissions.

Joining forces to overcome the challenges in waste management optimization

By leveraging Sensolus’ advanced geolocation technology, Sigrenea revolutionizes fleet management by seamlessly connecting waste containers in real-time. This groundbreaking partnership is the culmination of a longstanding collaboration among Suez, Sensolus, and Sigrenea.

The genesis of this collaboration traces back to 2018 when Sensolus was chosen to equip Suez Recyclage et Valorisation France with a comprehensive tracking solution comprising 25,000 assets, including devices and a robust business portal. Since then, numerous successful customer cases have further solidified and enhanced this strategic partnership.

“The solid and long-standing relationship between Sigrenea and Sensolus has grown over many years. The role that Sigrenea plays in the waste management industry is invaluable to Sensolus, and it is inspiring to see the positive impact that the partnership has on waste management companies throughout France.”

Matthias Savelle, Sensolus sales executive, France

Sigrenea and Sensolus share a history of teamwork. Through rigorous field tests, the two companies have demonstrated their commitment to professionalism by tackling difficult trials with skill and expertise.

This strategic partnership places them as leaders in waste management optimization in France. Sigrenea promotes, deploys, and provides support for the comprehensive sensor-based services offered by Sensolus to ensure successful outcomes – with mutual assistance from both sides when needed.

“The added value in our partnership is to be able to offer a quality solution to our customers. We are specialists in IoT for waste, Sensolus is a specialist in equipment geolocation. This partnership allows us to expand our range of solutions and to rely on a strong and legitimate partner in this field.”

Franck Charlet, CEO at Sigrenea

Looking to the future of Sigrenea and Sensolus 

Future customers stand to gain tremendous advantages from the combined 10 years of expertise amassed by both Sigrenea and Sensolus. Sigrenea boasts an extensive track record of successful deployments, accompanied by unparalleled customer support within the waste management industry.

Moreover, Sigrenea possesses a robust organizational structure, ensuring that customers receive the necessary assistance and guidance every step of the way.

On the other hand, Sensolus has established itself as the preeminent provider of the most advanced and industrialized GPS tracking solution available in the market. Their cutting-edge technology empowers businesses to achieve optimal efficiency and performance.

Given the increasingly critical need for waste management optimization, the renewed partnership between Sigrenea and Sensolus holds great promise for the future.

As both companies join forces once again, they are poised to address the evolving challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the waste management landscape.

The combined expertise, innovative solutions, and shared vision of Sigrenea and Sensolus position them at the forefront of transforming the waste management industry into a more streamlined, digitized, and sustainable ecosystem.

About Sigrenea

With 13 years of experience, Sigrenea, a subsidiary of the SUEZ group, innovates by combining technology and know-how to offer a range of agile and reliable digital solutions; it makes the business of connected collection more accessible.

The role of the Internet of Things (IoT) is particularly promising in the field of the ecological transformation of cities. With its connected solutions, Sigrenea puts digital and data at the service of local authorities, collectors and private companies; it helps them to manage and optimize their waste in real time.

As a specialist in optimizing waste collection at voluntary drop-off points, we connect people and systems for intelligent recycling and support our customers in their improvement process.

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