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Sensolus Empowers Airbus with Advanced IoT Technology for Enhanced Manufacturing Efficiency [2024]

"The team at Sensolus fully understands Airbus’ needs. By working together with Airbus, our teams’ willingness to adapt and refine our solution to meet their vast scope of IoT use cases makes us more like partners - partners in innovation"
Pieter Claeys
Pieter Claeys
Product Manager

GPS tracking solution for industrial manufacturing

In a rapidly changing aviation landscape, where market needs and customer expectations demand the highest standards of quality and performance, Airbus spares no efforts to continuously improve its industrial system. With the Industry 4.0 revolution paving the way for digital transformation, Sensolus, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) technology provider, was selected by Airbus to help them achieve higher visibility, optimization, and efficiency in their smart supply chain and manufacturing processes.

Recognizing the importance of an intelligent and digital industrial ecosystem, Sensolus IoT tracking technology has been integrated by Airbus for the purpose of creating a digital twin of the assets responsible for moving critical airplane components through the production flow.

The application of Sensolus IoT technology at Airbus has already resulted in impressive gains. By attaching active trackers to their industrial assets, Airbus has achieved complete visibility of multiple workflows both on premises and across borders. One such innovation includes tracking the jigs used to transport airplane components during production, therefore eliminating blind spots, proactively preventing delays, and mitigating the risk of incidents.

Airbus is now rolling out Sensolus’ latest Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to track specialized tools within their warehouses. The BLE technology allows Airbus to enhance inventory management, theft protection, and asset localization, and increasing overall productivity.

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Significant time savings with full supply chain visibility

Airbus’ collaboration with Sensolus has resulted in significant time savings. One of the critical improvements involves addressing urgent tool requirements at various stations

With Sensolus’ IoT technology in place, Airbus has the capability to quickly locate these essential tools when needed, further optimizing their already advanced smart supply chain. By leveraging the application, they were able to find a misplaced tool within minutes, preventing delays and minimizing disruptions to the production flow. This efficiency enhancement not only saves valuable time but also  helps ensure seamless operations within the Airbus manufacturing ecosystem.

Sensolus provides dedicated support to Airbus through its customer success team, ensuring the seamless operation and optimization of the IoT solution. With the data feed of nearly 100% of assets’ journeys uninterrupted across Europe, the UK, and other countries, Sensolus’ patented data recovery algorithm ensures that critical information is never lost.

Sensolus and Airbus continue their dynamic partnership, the future of aerospace manufacturing looks promising, with innovation, efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction at the core of their collaboration.

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Why did Airbus choose Sensolus

Before choosing our asset tracking solution, Airbus performed an in-depth study of different metering and tracking solutions. The reason they selected Sensolus is that our solution is the most mature solution in the market, being both energy-efficient and intelligent.

GPS Asset Trackers

About Sensolus:

Ghent based Sensolus is introducing the Internet of Things (IoT) to the industrial manufacturing, transport & logistics, and waste management industries. Their IoT solution includes rugged trackers, edge intelligence and a cloud platform, which creates a digital twin of transport carriers such as boxes, containers, and pallets. This visibility solution helps businesses track and optimize their entire supply chain..

With more than 500 customers a decade later, and customers including Airbus, Atlas Copco, Suez and Volvo Cars, this innovative and comprehensive solution has now extended its offices to Munich Germany and Atlanta, Georgia in USA.

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