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BAS World finds its way to efficient and user-friendly location trackers from Sensolus

Tracking oplossing voor BAS World
"The Sensolus solution seamlessly integrated with our existing ERP system, thanks to the clear and well-defined API. As all vehicles were concentrated in one location, the rollout of the new solution proved exceptionally efficient."
Bas World
Mike van Kasteren
Team Lead Inspection at BAS World

A tracking solution for vehicle yard management

Sensolus, a specialist in connected asset management, recently implemented a new tracking system together with Sentech | the sensor integrators, a sensor specialist, at BAS World, Europe’s largest seller of vehicles and machines.

The outdated and expensive RFID localization system has been replaced by trackers that are quick to install and do not require any on-site scanning infrastructure, allowing them to be put into immediate operation at any location or parking lot. This user-friendly and scalable solution is perfectly suited to BAS World’s expansion plans and provides additional insights into the lead times of vehicles such as trucks and other machines. These vehicles are now recovered much faster, resulting in efficiency gains and cost savings.

Location tracker

With an average of 2,500 vehicles, Dutch-based BAS World is the largest seller of second-hand trucks in Europe. 

This family business operates globally in the trade of new and used vehicles, boasting a substantial inventory of trucks, tractors, trailers, construction machines, commercial vehicles, and agricultural machinery. Employing over 900 people, the company achieves an annual turnover of 500 million euros.

The previous vehicle tracking system at BAS World relied on an RFID localization system. Each truck had its own designated parking space with a local tracking infrastructure to monitor vehicle locations. However, as BAS World expanded and established multiple parking lots, this solution became both expensive and impractical.

Furthermore, the majority of trackers needed replacement. This dependency on outdated hardware restricted vehicle tracking solely to their respective parking lots. Consequently, the company sought a solution that could also trace vehicles at external locations and third-party car parks. Sensolus emerged as the solution provider, offering a reference based on a similar project with a car manufacturer.

Following a comprehensive pilot project, during which the BAS World team provided regular input, the company was convinced of Sensolus’ capabilities. Sentech, a partner of Sensolus, played a crucial role in guiding the transition.

Simplified installation and integration for Bas World

Sensolus devised a tailor-made tracking solution to meet BAS World’s requirements. Michiel Raat, Sales Executive Netherlands at Sensolus, explains,

“The outdated RFID trackers were replaced with 3,500 of our smaller Track 1010 trackers. Each tracker possesses a unique serial number linked to the vehicle number. These trackers are affixed to key boxes placed in the vehicles and can be easily transferred to another vehicle during purchases or sales.”

Location data from all trackers are seamlessly integrated into BAS World’s existing ERP system via an API on the Sensolus platform. Instead of implementing an expensive local tracking infrastructure, data transmission occurs through a long-distance wireless network optimized for IoT devices.

Mike van Kasteren, Team Lead Inspection at BAS World, remarks,

“The Sensolus solution seamlessly integrated with our existing ERP system, thanks to the clear and well-defined API. As all vehicles were concentrated in one location, the rollout of the new solution proved exceptionally efficient.”

BAS World

Introduction of geozones

Virtual geozones were established on-site to streamline vehicle retrieval. Employees can locate vehicles within these geozones based on their designated areas, enhancing efficiency compared to relying solely on coordinates. Staff members utilize a mobile app that guides them to the precise vehicle location, significantly saving time and enhancing user-friendliness.

Reflecting on the previous system, Mike van Kasteren notes,

“Our previous system was relatively accurate – it displayed the truck’s location within a parking space on a map. However, parking layouts changed annually, and queue arrangements often shifted. Sensolus’ location trackers offer greater precision and operate independently of parking spaces. The trackers were configured to ensure accuracy within ten meters, significantly reducing search times for our employees.”

Proactive collaboration between Bas World, Sensolus and Sentech

The collaboration between BAS World, Sensolus, and Sentech exceeded expectations. During the initial phases of exploring a new solution, they provided proactive assistance.

They granted the time and space required for thorough research into various possibilities and acknowledged the consideration of alternative options. Ultimately, Sensolus was chosen due to expert guidance, solution flexibility, tracker battery longevity, and the platform’s numerous capabilities. Sensolus also remained open to enhancements.

Reflecting on the previous system, Mike van Kasteren notes,

“We aimed to enhance the tracking system’s accuracy, and they successfully addressed this. Furthermore, the system is easily scalable, accommodating our future growth.”

BAS World

Unlocking the potential of location tracking

The system offers potential beyond its current use. Although precise time savings are yet to be measured, the system holds the potential to further enhance efficiency at BAS World and sustainably reduce operational costs. Sentech continues to provide support for this endeavor. The Dutch sensor specialist will continue assisting BAS World in optimizing the Sensolus solution, offering training, and addressing queries or challenges.

Moving forward, vehicles will be equipped with trackers upon acquisition, enabling continuous monitoring, even when located at BAS World’s various sites. In addition to enhancing insights into vehicle flow, this data can facilitate the implementation of a “Track Your Delivery” service for BAS World customers.

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