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Making a difference for society and the environment: a tech-driven solution to waste management

Making a difference for society and the environment: a tech-driven solution to managing waste cover

GPS trackers for waste containers

Founded in 2021 by two industry experts, Jérôme Lafourcade and Christophe Delas, Ecofield is making a difference in the waste management sector around Western Europe. With their modern approach to recycling in the construction sector, coupled with their virtuous contribution to social welfare, this fast-growing organization is reaching new heights with the help of Sensolus’ connected asset management solution.

Ecofield’s journey towards waste management optimization began when they decided to join forces with Connectic, a French-based agency that offers powerful, scalable, and competitive tools to improve the management of resource fleets (vehicles, equipment, tools, personnel, premises, etc.).

“We have chosen not to develop a range of hardware or software solutions in-house. We collaborate with technology companies, each of which specializes in the design and production of specific components and make them available to integrative distributors,” explains the representative of Connectic.

Optimizing waste management and gaining insights

During the three-month project, Ecofield’s goal was to achieve a clear cartographic view of the 100 waste skips in circulation with their customers.

Along with this, was the mandate to reconcile differences in data inputs between their ERP system and the Sensolus platform; ensuring sound reporting and maximized utility.

Powered by Sensolus, Connectic was able to help Ecofield streamline their operational processes by integrating their custom ERP with Sensolus’ innovative cloud-based solution; giving them the capability to:

Ecofield waste container management
  • Have full visibility over the entire fleet to facilitate operations (planning, routing, etc.)
  • Receive alerts in case of abnormal movement
  • Receive alerts in case of prolonged immobilization
  • Easily analyze usage statistics to optimize the configuration of the fleet
  • Guarantee transparency between partners

Why did Ecofield choose Sensolus and Connectic?

For companies in the waste management industry, the idea of autonomous industrial-grade GPS trackers with 5-year battery life is an appealing solution for monitoring waste containers and optimizing their use.

Coupled with Sensolus’ mobile-friendly web platform, tailored and scalable to the unique needs of each project, Connectic was quickly able to provide Ecofield with the value that they needed:

  • Accurate data for invoicing purposes based on usage, type of waste, and average time duration.
  • Geographical representation of time spent in each geozone, and whether the skips are at the customer’s premises or depots.
  • Detailed inputs that indicate the best type of skip to send to customers, for example, tonnage and type of waste.
  • The power to automatically pull the address of every skip in the system.
  • An automated inventory management system that can be filtered by type of skip according to volume.

Sensolus is proud to partner with Connectic, as they support Ecofield with their impressive work in the waste management sector. Their modern approach to recycling, coupled with their dedication to social welfare, makes them a valuable ally in our mission of making the world a more sustainable place.

Do you want to reap the benefits of this partnership? Get in touch and let us show you how we can help your organization grow and make an impactful difference in the waste management industry.

About Connectic

Since 2017, Connectic and its network of regional agencies specialize in the implementation of solutions that allow small and medium-sized businesses to benefit from powerful, scalable, and competitive tools to improve the management of their resource base.

Connectic has established expertise in a wide range of solutions to efficiently help businesses in their remote data transmission initiatives, whether they are moving goods, field personnel, or buildings.

About Sensolus

Industrial companies typically have hundreds or thousands of valuable assets such as containers, trailers, boxes, equipment or dollies. Often, you have very little data on these non-powered assets… where they are, how they are used or even how they can be utilized better. That’s where Sensolus comes in.

Connecting these assets to the internet enables you to know where specific assets are, detect issues in your processes and ensure full visibility. You access the collected data on our powerful analytical platform, which is ready to use from day 1.

The battery-powered trackers are easy to install and will work anywhere for five years. They don’t require any infrastructure. You can easily scale from small proof of concept to a full-sized project.

Do you need a tracking solution?

One of our experts in your region will help you get started!

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