"We attach great importance to high-quality, reusable packaging and its tracking for our manufacturing parts. "
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Interview with Thomas Hoffmeister
Sales & Marketing at KREATIZE

How things went before the introduction of Sensolus

The leading German procurement platform for the machinery and equipment industry, KREATIZE, offers a real added value to machinery and equipment companies since 2015, by automating the entire procurement process and accelerating it substantially.

KREATIZE produces manufacturing parts, such as metal parts, drilling parts, 3D parts, etc. for its customers. These parts are sent, right after the production process, from their suppliers around the world to its quality hub, where the parts are inspected and later sent on to the end users.

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High-quality, reusable and traceable packaging

All types of parts KREATIZE produces can be very sensitive if they’re not packaged properly by the supplier. Another requirement for the company is to deliver the right product to the right customer. This was not always the case in the past.

“It happens too often that we have damaged manufacturing parts. Many of these damaged parts are caused by transport. So, we said, let’s identify something that can help us have a much smoother, safer and stable transportation. ”

As a result, the German company was looking for both a solution that would prevent damage during transport of its manufacturing parts and a solution to track its boxes.

In this story, you find out why KREATIZE approached Sensolus and BOX – Genau meine Kiste for a solution to their challenges.

Why they chose Sensolus and BOX – Genau meine Kiste

Thomas works with a lot of start-ups in his region. One day he noticed and read about BOX – Genau meine Kiste, partner of Sensolus. 

“After reading about BOX and Sensolus, I told my colleagues from Logistics that they could make an end to our problems by serving us with the right solutions.  After reviewing the integrated solution Sensolus and Box offer, KREATIZE is confident it is a good fit for their use case: Transporting manufacturing parts in a safe way and staying up-to-date about their location.

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The IoT tracking from Sensolus provides many advantages. With this tracking system, integrated into the boxes of BOX – Genau meine Kiste, KREATIZE will be able to track its boxes at any time. By tracking these boxes, the German producer can warn its suppliers and customers on when their boxes will arrive.

The possibility to track the boxes is not only convenient for the customers and suppliers of KREATIZE. “If we can track the boxes that are empty, we know exactly when they need to be transported and reduced in size (folded together). This will result in a more efficient rotation and usage of the boxes, which reduces possible additional logistic costs.” Thomas explains.

The IoT tracking from Sensolus can be combined with the packaging boxes from BOX – Genau meine Kiste, which is very practical. The tracking device is very user-friendly. In this way, KREATIZE obtains a smoother, safer, and more stable logistics process.

“The tracking from Sensolus is important to understand where the part is. Has the supplier sent it out? Has it arrived? This is data we can integrate with our platform, simply based on a tracker integrated in the Meine Kiste box.”

In short, the main factors that made KREATIZE choose Sensolus: 

  • Results in a more efficient rotation and usage of boxes by tracking them.
  • Ensures a more stable and safer logistics process.
  • Is very user-friendly and easily combined with boxes from BOX – Genau meine Kiste
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Reliable location data

First of all, the tracking device is integrated into the box. As a result, it takes up almost no space. In addition, the tracking device works with a battery with an extremely long battery life.

Sensolus can provide KREATIZE with reliable location data of the boxes at any time via IoT tracking. Another function of these tracking devices is that it gives actionable insights to optimize the use and rotation of the boxes. This is very important for KREATIZE, since the boxes that are delivered to the customers need to be returned to the suppliers via the quality hub.

“We need to send the boxes back to our quality hub and our suppliers and for that we also need to track where the boxes are.”

Simplified logistics

By using the Sensolus devices and the boxes of BOX – Genau meine Kiste, KREATIZE obtains a more simplified logistics network. This is due to the user-friendly boxes and the information they receive from the IoT tracking.

This feature is of great importance to the German company as they transport large volumes of manufacturing parts over a large geographical area.

More than a tracker

In addition to tracking, the track devices from Sensolus can also measure specific things. For example, it can measure, via orientation, when a box is empty, ready to be folded and to be sent back to the quality hub and suppliers.

Another reason why Sensolus was chosen is because when using the trackers, KREATIZE receives a large range of statistics and analyses about the boxes. Among other things, one can see how long and how many boxes remain in a specific place.

Based on this data, KREATIZE can use the Sensolus application to warn both its customers and its suppliers when boxes arrive or when a box is heading in the wrong direction. Finally, using the data KREATIZE can improve certain things in their logistics process so that it runs smoother.

Satisfied customer

The tracking devices of Sensolus improved the logistic process network of KREATIZE, not only by tracking its reusable boxes but also by giving status reports of these boxes.

Get full visibility on your assets and simplify your logistics.