IoT solutions for non-powered assets

When your assets get smart, you become smarter.

Gain visibility and important insights on your assets through location, activity and usage data
and improve your internal and external processes with

Stay in control

Stickntrack is an end-to-end asset tracking solution, allowing users to track valuable or mission critical non-powered assets directly from the cloud. Our technology is extremely low-power, easy to install and offers maintenance-free control of your valuable assets out there in the field.

  • Get control over your assets, both indoor and outdoor
  • Configure the solution to suit your needs
  • Optimize business processes

Experience Stickntrack

Simplicity & flexibility

easy installation

  • Easy self-installation
  • User-friendly management platform
  • Adjust settings to suit your needs

Predictability & reliability


  • Battery lasting up to 5 years
  • Battery lifetime prediction
  • Data integrity

Vertical integration

  • End-to-end solution
  • Integration through multiple layers
  • API

Built to resist.

Designed for the Industrial Internet of Things, complying with the highest standards.

A solution that fits your needs

Trailer Management


  • Stay in control of your trailers. Know where they are and where they have been
  • Optimize trailer rotation and other capital intensive processes
  • Reduce costs

Construction & rental


  • Don’t lose time locating material
  • Know when items unexpectedly leave a site
  • Optimize asset allocation

Supply Chain management


  • Keep visibility over your recyclable packaging
  • Optimize your critical supply chain processes
  • Reduce costs

Inventory & asset management


  • Don’t lose time locating assets
  • Get alerted when assets suddenly leave a predefined area
  • Keep an overview of where your assets are and have been

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