Cloud-based asset tracking solution

End-to-end solution visual

Find back. Automate. Monitor. 

  • Automate your inventory
  • Instantly know your assets’ location
  • Improve asset utilization in your supply chain


 Self-powered stick-and-forget tracker
 No additional infrastructure needed


 Rugged hardware 5y battery life
+100K assets connected


Up and running in <1 day
 Out-of-the-box software

Why choose Sensolus?

Technologies comparison table

How does it work?

Step 1

Fix the Sensolus tracker on the asset
(Returnable Transport Packaging, (waste) containers, trailers, etc.)

Multiple assets
Step 2

The installed tracker automatically connects with the Sensolus cloud. 

Cloud mobile version
Step 3

Instantly gather insights on the Sensolus platform:

  • Create geozones
  • Track asset utilization
  • Define rotation alerts
  • Detect anomalies

A fit for your industry?

Manufacturing site visual
  • Automate inventory 
  • Eliminate manual search
  • Monitor 3rd parties in the supply chain
Waste container being emptied
Waste Management
  • Create visibility on waste containers 
  • Monitor how customers use waste containers
  • Recover quickly from planning mistakes
Website_Homepage_Industries_Transport & Logistics_03
Transport & logistics
  • Reduce man-hours spent on trailer searches 
  • Avoid improper use & theft
  • Get insights on trailer utilization & allocation

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