Asset Tracking Solution

  • We increase the efficiency in supply chain and logistics operations
  • Easy-to-install & long battery lifetime
  •  Actionable insights
  • Fast Return On Investment 

How can Sensolus help you?

Outdoor & Indoor Location Tracking
Usage Tracking
Inventory Tracking
Smart Contracts
Maintenance Planning
Capacity Optimization

Linking field data & business insights

Use our extremely low power tracking technology to track assets you weren’t able to track before. Tracking non-powered assets like pallets, containers, trailers or manufacturing parts in your supply chain and logistics operations will create visibility and transparency. It gives you the power to improve processes and reduce costs. We are not just a tracking technology, we combine the power of sensors with business analytics. Business value flows from our platform by using custom dashboards and domain-specific reports.  


Why Sensolus?

IoT Experts Trusted by 500+ customers
Business Analytics Custom Dashboards & Reporting
Customer Service Guided Testing & Training Process
Reliable Solution Battery Prediction & Data Integrity
Use Cases

What value does Sensolus brings to your business?

  • Win valuable time by no longer searching for trailers
  • Be in control when your trailer is decoupled from a truck
  • Optimize trailer usage to grow your business efficiently
  • Provide better service to your customers
  • Create visibility in your supply chain & logistic flows over time
  • Manage recyclable packaging and reverse logistics
  • Be in control of your container capacity on different sites through automatic inventories
  • Easily monitor & control subcontractor compliance
  • Create visibility on your asset location & usage worldwide
  • Be in control of your asset capacity on different sites through automatic inventories
  • Save costs by optimizing your asset planning & allocation
  • Improved service quality that leads to higher customer satisfaction & reduced churn
  • Develop new monetizable services fueled by new data sources

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