Connecting your world

Sensolus streamlines logistical processes by making your assets visible

We digitise the physical world of industrial asset management and logistics

Industry relies on billions of non-connected physical assets with a mission-critical role in the daily processes and workflows. Thanks to our technology, these assets are part of a global digital ecosystem, where they can be searched, planned, tracked, and traded just like any other online commodity. This digitisation allows industries to tap unexplored economic and environmental benefits for their optimisation and growth.

Sensolus 3hoek

Companies unlocking the power of their asset data

An end-2-end solution for asset tracking

An optimal integrated solution to give you visibility and insights in your process. Attach your tracker to get started now.



Attach the smart Sensolus tracker to an asset and start capturing its location, activity, temperature, and more. Enjoy 5+ years of battery life.


The tracker automatically connects to the internet. No infrastructure required!

Analyse & Act

The tracker automatically connects to the internet. No infrastructure required!

A fit for your industry

Industrial manufacturing

  • Eliminate manual search
  • Reduce your Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Monitor 3rd parties in the supply chain

Transport and logistics

  • Reduce man-hours spent on trailer searches
  • Avoid improper use and theft
  • Get insights on trailer utilisation and allocation


  • Create visibility of waste containers
  • Optimise your fleet of containers
  • Recover quickly from planning mistakes

What's in it for your business?

An extensive set of applications to maximise the value of your assets

Why choose our solution?

Proven ROI

✓ Strong cost reduction
✓ Process optimisation
✓ Increased customer retention

Simple and intuitive

✓ Works straight from the box
✓ Minimal change for operations
✓ No additional infrastructure

Reliable and secure

✓ Rugged hardware 5-year battery life
✓ +100K assets connected
✓ End-2-end encryption