All-in-one tracking solution for maximum
visibility. automation. optimization. insights.

All-in-one tracking solution for maximum
visibility. automation. optimization. insights.

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Sensolus is the leader in non-powered asset tracking.
With our end-to-end solution, monitoring the location and movement of your assets is more than just simple, it is profitable.

Battery life up to 10 years

Operate without interruption, our trackers are here for the long run.

Infrastructure-free setup

Set-up in minutes without any additional infrastructure.

Feature-rich platform

Boost operational efficiency using our intuitive dashboard.

Expert support

Reach out to a dedicated team to walk you through your journey.

Create a digital ecosystem

Create a digital ecosystem

Have full visibility

Whether you manage a transport fleet, waste containers, valuable equipment, or a complex supply chain, our easy to use tracking solution will ensure that you never lose sight of your assets again.

Boost efficiency

Monitor the usage of your assets, identify bottlenecks, and predict delays. With this data you will have the insights you need to make the most of your existing assets.

Reduce inventory costs

Manage your inventory levels with peace of mind that you have optimal stock availability. By automating your inventory management, no more manual counting and human error, and reduce the risk of surplus stock and underused assets.

Drive accountability

Lift the veil of uncertainty using our automated activity log. With this data, you can ensure that your third parties are accountable to delivery times, the exact location and usage of the assets. With Sensolus, it is no longer a guessing game.

Where robust hardware,

Connected asset trackers copy

Introducing our smart, industrial-grade trackers. With battery life of up to ten years, and no additional infrastructure needed, our technology is cost-effective and scalable. Built to handle harsh conditions, these trackers boast remarkable durability, seamless remote configuration, and can be installed in minutes.

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Connected asset trackers copy

meets intelligent software.

Our cloud-based platform is smart, intuitive and secure. Inspired by the needs of industry giants like Airbus, Suez and Atlas Copco, this easy-to-use software will give you full visibility of every connected asset that you have, and to translate this data into meaningful insights. Map production flows, set up geozones for any site of interest, be alerted when you are low on stock, and more!

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