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5 different ways to boost your supply chain performance

Reading time: 4 minutes Every company that creates a product and sells this to a customer, has a supply chain to optimize. Since the supply chain i... LESEN SIE MEHR

5 compelling reasons to equip your fleet with asset tracking technology

Reading time: 3 minutes How efficiently your fleet is managed, determines the time you can free up to improve your business. Improving your busines... LESEN SIE MEHR

Why IoT in food and farming can improve time management and reduce stress

Reading time: 4 minutes That IoT has a huge potential in the entire food and farming domain is illustrated by the IoF2020 project. This large-scale... LESEN SIE MEHR

What is geolocation and how can it be used to keep track of your assets

Reading time: 4 minutes Depending on the business you are in, knowing the location and usage of your assets can be crucial. It will, for example, h... LESEN SIE MEHR

Warum Group-GTS den nächsten Schritt ging und ihre Trailer traciert

Group-GTS, hat sich seit den achtziger Jahren, auch international, zu einem sehr renommierten Unternehmen im Bereich nationaler – und internationale... LESEN SIE MEHR

Energy-efficient GPS tracking: Low power and cost combined with a high business value

Reading time: 3 minutes In the early 2000s, wearable technology gained mainstream popularity with the introduction of the Bluetooth headset. From t... LESEN SIE MEHR

Everything you need to know about asset tracking

Reading time: 5 minutes What is asset tracking? Which methods are there to track assets? What are the key benefits of asset tracking? Wh... LESEN SIE MEHR

Essential steps to increase your supply chain efficiency as a car manufacturer

Reading time: 3 minutes Producing thousands of vehicles each day and flawlessly launching a new model with endless customizable options. This expec... LESEN SIE MEHR

How BOMA obtained a 360-degree view on their cleaning equipment

BOMA has been developing and distributing cleaning materials, products, and machines in the Benelux and France for over forty years. Known for its inn... LESEN SIE MEHR

8 must-attend European events in Logistics & Supply Chain in 2019

Reading time: 4 minutes Year after year, thousands of logistics and supply chain professionals are attending various logistics and supply chain eve... LESEN SIE MEHR

Four geolocation technologies compared: How can they improve your operational efficiency?

Reading time: 5 minutes Locating your assets can be an essential part of your business. There are a dozen practices ranging from maximizing asset u... LESEN SIE MEHR

Digital logistics in Belgium: An ING & report

Reading time: 2 minutes ING, a global financial institution with a Dutch origin, teamed up with to investigate the logistics start-up e... LESEN SIE MEHR

How AB InBev uses Sensolus data to drive innovation

AB InBev is taking our partnership one step further and integrating Sensolus Asset Tracking Solution with their existing analytics environment, to d... LESEN SIE MEHR

Sensolus was a Global Star in Berlin

Last week, Sensolus was present in Berlin on the annual Sigfox Connect event. At this event, all major actors in the Sigfox ecosystem meet to showcase... LESEN SIE MEHR

Sensolus was at SuperNova where visionary solutions come together!

We had the pleasure of connecting with thousands of people from all over the world and sharing insights at the Supernova event last week. SuperNova... LESEN SIE MEHR