Ground-support equipment

Track your GSE fleet for full visibility

Reduce searching time
Reduce search time
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Ensure sufficient fleet capacity
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Detect unauthorised usage
Maintenance costs
Save extra maintenance costs and time

A GSE tracking solution

Track and monitor the use of ground support equipment.

Airlines, ground handlers, and airports all depend on ground support equipment (GSE) to ensure that flights operate without delay, and it is not always easy to monitor their location and use.

The Sensolus tracker, coupled with the cloud-based platform creates a digital ecosystem that gives you full visibility of these assets, when they are being used, and when they are available for use.

Ground support equipment

Have full visibility of your GSE

Avoid penalties and drive accountability with our alerts dashboard.

The demand for air-travel is increasing and so are the regulations. Airports are becoming stricter and it is a challenge to make sure that your company, customers and sub-contractors are compliant. 

With our alert dashboard you will be notified if your ground support equipment is scheduled for maintenance, in the wrong place, or sitting still for too long.

Companies that trust Sensolus

"We chose Sensolus because it is the best product in the market. Very rugged trackers with a battery life of up to 5 years, and the platform reporting is top of the line."
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Mathias Heylandskjer
Telematics Project Coordinator at TCR International

A powerful & intuitive toolset

Tailor our applications to your needs

Specialized equipment 5

Location monitoring

Access the location data you need to instantly find your GSE.

Airport trolley

Inventory management

Make sure that you have the right amount of trolleys, in the right places.



Monitor compliancy with airport regulations.

Popular equipment to track

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Airplane stairs


Luggage carts

GSE Towbars

Airplane towbars

The most suitable trackers

Sensolus Track 1000

TRACK 1000

Sensolus Track 1020

TRACK 1020

Sensolus Track 1100

TRACK 1100


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