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Sensolus expands into the North American Market – first office in Atlanta

Sensolus expands into U.S. market with first office in Atlanta

Sensolus is an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company with a proven track record of connecting over 200,000 industrial assets for more than 200 satisfied customers across Europe. Trusted by industry giants such as Airbus, Suez, Atlas Copco, and TCR, Sensolus’ tracking solution is designed to provide companies with actionable insights within their supply chain and logistics

With the use of industrial-grade trackers and an intuitive cloud application, Sensolus has become the go-to solution for companies looking for an end-to-end asset management platform, coining the term “Airtag” of industrial assets. 

Alike the Tech Giant’s product, Sensolus’ solution is easy to install, optimized for long battery life, and comes with intuitive and remote management of the connected assets.

Airbus Warehouse with Connected Assets

As an established leader in non-powered asset tracking in Europe, it was a strategic move for Sensolus to enter North America.

“We see that this market is confronted with the same challenges as in Europe. Similarly, to how we have helped a number of major European industrial groups digitize their supply chain operations, we expect that our solution can have the same impact in the same industries in North America. Furthermore, with the emergence of low-power cellular networks in this region, the doors have opened to deploy our technology at scale,” explains Kristoff Van Rattinghe, CEO, and co-founder of Sensolus.

Strategically based at the Atlanta Tech Village

Sensolus Inc. is a new-founded Sensolus entity, dedicated to the North American market. It is a translation of Sensolus’ existing knowledge, product excellence, and value proposition into local terms, local talent, and local partners.

The company’s new office location will be in Atlanta, Georgia. Situated in this major logistics and manufacturing hub is the Atlanta Tech Village, a vibrant technology hub with a real community spirit, and the starting point for Sensolus in North America.

“The location of our new office provides access to a significant customer base in the Southeast, and to one of the world’s largest airports. And with existing customers from Europe (within the airport ground support equipment, aerospace, and manufacturing industries) Sensolus’ activity in the USA is growing steadily,” explains Antoine Delwaide, who is responsible for Sensolus’ business development in North America. 

“We have already established partnerships with industry leaders such as Tosca and attended events such as ProMat with Alps Alpine, an esteemed partner of Sensolus in Europe who is also present in North America” Delwaide concludes.

Sensolus Atlanta
Antoine Delwaide at Atlanta Tech Village

Solving local challenges

The macroeconomic conditions in North America are favorable for supply chain optimization, whilst Sensolus’ value proposition can solve some of the major challenges industrial US customers face. Sensolus’ solutions help companies optimize the use of their existing assets, which results in cost and CO2 savings.

It also provides complete visibility on their logistic and supply chain streams, in a time where disruption and uncertainty in supply have never been higher. Finally, Sensolus’ tracking system enables companies to redefine their activities by offering dynamic contracts based on the real usage of their assets. 

Selling Change

“Over the last couple of years Sensolus has proven that we’re not just selling technology—we are selling change,” concludes Van Rattinghe. 

“Change in processes, adoption of technology and new business practices. These changes rely on trust, which cannot be built from the other side of the ocean. Whilst our technology is strong, local teams and partners will be the driving force behind the trust of the local customers, because physical presence and proximity to our partners and customers encourage long-term relationships.”

Kristoff Van Rattinghe, CEO, 2023
Kristoff Van Rattinghe, CEO, 2023

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